Advanced Energy Solutions

Morgan Advanced Materials has an enviable reputation in components for power distribution and generation from both renewable and traditional sources, as well as insulation materials for heat management.

 The Group continues to work on diverse energy-related projects from piezoceramics for energy harvesting technologies to high-quality capacitance for high-voltage systems and even specialist fire protection systems for offshore wind farms.

Morgan’s latest ultra-wide bandwidth, high-sensitivity air coupled ceramic sensors for flow metering offer an increase of magnitude in sensitivity compared with alternatives. Based on technology similar to that which underpins four-dimensional imaging, these sensors enable metering manufacturers to greatly increase flow measurement accuracy at low and high flow rates, while also reducing power consumption. They are ideal for integration into acoustic anemometry systems and smart metering systems, as well as air-coupled level measurement of liquids and solids.

In the wind energy sectors, Morgan’s market-leading products include a new brush gear for users of Vestas V52 to V80 series wind turbines. Designed to replace the caliper holders fitted as standard on these turbines, they offer numerous benefits including extended service life, as well as considerably longer intervals between brush replacements thanks to a carbon brush wear length double that of the OEM part. The easy fit carbon brush holder system also means less time spent on replacement, reducing maintenance costs.