Advanced Industrial Solutions

Morgan Advanced Materials designs and manufactures products for use in a broad spectrum of challenging processes and manufacturing environments.

The Group’s advanced materials offer a wide range of performance characteristics, including superior insulating properties, dimensional stability, strength and stiffness.

With these materials, the Group engineers components which are highly resistant to chemical and physical wear, corrosion and extreme heat. These components are at the heart of many industrial processes where they drive, optimised process efficiency and productivity, alongside reduced waste, improved safety and lower environmental impact.

For example, the introduction of a range of bespoke caster tips made from a special formulation of Morgan’s low biopersistent Superwool® fibre range, has resulted in the elimination of all RCF (refractory ceramic fibre) materials from Hydro’s aluminium production plant in Norway – representing a major step change in health and safety. Morgan created a special formulation of Superwool® fibre for this application and even modified its production process to eliminate the possibility of the ‘shot’ within the fibre creating marks on the aluminium being processed.

Meanwhile, Morgan’s relationship with AETC Ltd, one of the world’s premier manufacturers of turbine blades the aerospace and industrial gas turbine sectors continues to go from strength to strength. New programmes are seeing Morgan design and test prototype cores to prove that they meet profile tolerances which can be as tight as +/- 0.08mm. The cores are made from Morgan’s proprietary K120 directionally solidified single crystal material which boasts excellent high-temperature stability, making it ideal for use with alloys requiring high-temperature pre-heats.

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