Advanced Electronic Solutions

Morgan Advanced Materials is known globally for its range of high-purity, high-specification components which are used in semiconductor fabrication and electronic products.

The Group exploits the unique properties of its advanced materials to help electronics manufacturers meet competing demands in the areas of size, functionality and cost. 

Morgan’s research and development teams work closely with customers to design and manufacture small or intricate components, achieving explicit electrical and thermal properties within restricted size and shape constraints. The Group is able to offer durable, high-quality dielectric materials and specialised metallisation techniques. Morgan’s products are found in mobile phones, laptops, high-definition televisions, lighting controls, laser instrumentation, microwave and high-voltage systems. The Group’s advances in ceramic metallisation processes have played a major role in the commercialisation of modern communications, signalling and control technologies including ultra-high frequency signal transmission. 

In semiconductor and LED substrate fabrication, the Group’s high-purity materials and controlled microstructures have brought significant yield improvements in specialist processes for ion implantation, epitaxy and compound crystal growth. 

Morgan’s commitment to this sector is amply demonstrated by ongoing investment in its capability for manufacturing semiconductor processing products, meaning it can now precision grind products of up to 500mm in diameter and 600mm in length, or longer lengths with smaller diameters, and manufacturing complex brazed assemblies incorporating its own metallisation inks. 

Morgan’s products for the semiconductor industry include end effectors for efficient wafer handling, inductively-coupled plasma chambers / plasma focus tubes, ring spacers and electrostatic chucks (ESCs), which can be supplied either metallised or bare in diameters up to 450mm. Its proven range of high-purity materials are eminently suitable for use in high vacuum environments because they do not outgas.

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