Morgan's Purpose

Our purpose is to use advanced materials to help make more efficient use of the world’s resources, and to improve the quality of life.

"One of the things I am excited about is putting our technology in to a product that affects the lives of people and society."


Matthew Krohn, Work Stream Lead at Morgan's Centre of Excellence for Carbon Science Research

Our insulation products reduce energy usage in high-temperature processes – from aluminium production to solar panel production.

Our crucibles use less energy to hold molten metal for aluminium and copper casting.

Our self-lubricating seals and bearings reduce the energy consumption of pumps in everything from domestic appliances to power stations to chemical plants.

We enable electrification for cleaner public transport, helping those systems to run ever more efficiently.

We enable medical diagnostics with our power tubes in medical scanners.

We enable the production of more efficient and faster microprocessors, enabling the digital world and the benefits to the environment and health that brings.



Our products transform the lives of people around the world and make more efficient use of the world's resources.