Emily - My journey on the Graduate Programme


Hi! I’m Emily and I have recently completed the Graduate Programme at Morgan Advanced Materials. My journey on the programme began in July 2015; what an experience it’s been!

My role at Morgan is Graduate Programme Advisor for the European Campaign. I love that my role provided me with so much internal and external exposure; not only do I get to experience working with different parts of our business but I get to understand the influences of the graduate recruitment market too. Supporting the European Campaign means I travel across Europe a lot, which is great because I get to meet lots of new colleagues and experience the culture of different countries.  

I’ve had the chance to develop a great global network; this has been developed as a result of the opportunities that I have been exposed to on the Graduate Programme. Not only have I been able to develop a global network of graduates through global training modules held in London, Shanghai and San Francisco but I have also been able to develop my network with senior leaders of our business through being part a global project.

Attending the global modules on the Graduate Programme allowed me to build, develop and strengthen my peer network across all three regions; a great resource to have at my fingertips.

In addition to this, I have been privy to another fantastic development opportunity… I have been able to take on the role of “System Expert” on a global project – the implementation of a global Applicant Tracking System. This role has empowered me to develop my global network further as I am regularly communicating with Senior HR colleagues and leaders of our business in Americas, Europe and Asia.

Emily Marston

Morgan Advanced Materials,