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At Morgan we encourage our employees who support positive community engagement. Read how our colleagues are raising awareness for the causes they care about the most.

A passion for STEM and problem solving crosses ‘the line’ at Morgan

We pride ourselves on having some of the most passionate and inspiring people working at Morgan. Not only do our people have a real love of science, maths and technology, but many also follow that passionate spirit through into other aspects of their lives. For Alexandra Chart, our Corporate Development Director, that means pushing yourself to the limit through competitive cycling.

Alex recently completed the Tour de France route - 21 gruelling stages in one of the toughest challenges and most prestigious races in the cycling world. What makes it even more remarkable is that there is not an official women’s stage race. As part of team InternationElles, Alex completed the 3,460 kilometre route to highlight the inequality facing women in cycling.

“I hadn’t been with Morgan long when I approached the subject of taking some time off to ride the Tour route. Everyone has been really supportive and it has been great for me to highlight how women should be treated equally in the world of sport.”

For Alex there is a clear link between raising awareness of women in cycling and raising awareness of equality in the workplace. Alex believes: “STEM subjects have always been seen as ‘male’ subjects. In other roles during my career, I have typically been the only women in the team or one of very few. I have never let this stop me and always felt just as worthy of that job role, or to compete in that race. Having more women and girls in STEM related job roles is something that should be the norm by now.”

Congratulations to Alex, your Morgan family is extremely proud of your achievements.

At Morgan we are on the journey to ensure that women are more broadly represented at all levels of our organisation. We still have some way to go to improve our gender diversity, but with employees like Alex helping to show the way, it is certainly a great time to be involved in the developments.

For more information on what it is like to work for Morgan, you can hear directly from some of our people. You can also read our most recent gender pay report findings for the UK.