Environment, Health and Safety

Morgan Advanced Materials is committed to protecting the health and safety of employees and others affected by its operations. We seek to minimise the environmental impacts of our activities and maximise the positive effects of our products and services through our environmental, health and safety (EHS) programmes.

This section provides information on our EHS Policy and access to copies of our EHS Reports and to the relevant pages of our latest Annual Report which include further information on performance, accountability, EHS management systems and assurance.

EHS Policy

Morgan’s EHS Policy sets out the Group’s commitment to protect and enhance the environment and to safeguard the health and safety of all those affected by our operations. The Policy is regularly reviewed and is communicated across all sites within the Group and is applied to all businesses worldwide.

Governance of Morgan’s EHS Policy is achieved through performance monitoring, risk assessment and the management and mitigation of identified risks to help provide continuous improvement in EHS performance in support of the Group’s strategic priorities.

The Policy is regularly reviewed and may be downloaded here.

EHS Performance Reporting

Detailed EHS performance information can be found in our latest EHS report (see below) and in the EHS section of our latest Annual Report. Our latest EHS Report includes case studies that highlight some of the improvement initiatives underway across the Group and also includes examples of some of our products and services that help enhance global sustainability.

EHS Report 2017

EHS Report 2016
EHS Report 2015
EHS Report 2014
EHS Report 2013
EHS Report 2012
EHS Report 2011
EHS Report 2010
EHS Report 2009
EHS Report 2008
EHS Report 2007

Reporting Criteria

The data relating to Morgan Advanced Materials' environmental and health and safety performance information has been prepared in line with the reporting guidance document 'Morgan Advanced Materials EHS Reporting Criteria' which may be downloaded here.

Environmental Performance

The Group is committed to protecting the environment. Morgan includes environmental impact in its business decisions, promotes efficiency programmes and seeks to minimise the environmental impact of its operations and protect the environment of the sites and communities where we operate and maximise the positive environmental benefits of its products.

The Group monitors the impact of its operations on the environment as measured by its Scope 1 and 2 CO2e emissions, its energy, water and waste usage and relative intensity per £million of revenue, plus the proportion of total waste which is recycled. Morgan sets Group-wide intensity and recycling targets for improvement in environmental performance, whilst each production site sets specific local targets which are reviewed as part of the annual budget process to ensure they are aligned with and contribute to the Group’s targets.


We welcome feedback on our EHS policies, systems, performance, reports and communications. Please contact us by email on ehs@morganplc.com or by post at the head office address listed in the contacts section.