Morgan Advanced Materials Awarded £1.1m Ballistic Shields UK MoD Contract


Long Ballistic ShieldThe Composites and Defence Systems business of Morgan Advanced Materials, a global leader in composite armor technology for personnel and platforms, has secured a £1.1m contract from the Ministry of Defence (United Kingdom) to supply ballistic shields and supporting services. 

The contract will see Morgan provide a range of bespoke ballistic shields drawing on Morgan’s class-leading composite armor technology capability. With outstanding levels of multi-hit protection, the shields showcase the latest in lightweight armor, ensuring maximum mobility and protection for army personnel in the arena of combat. 

Duncan Eldridge, President of Morgan’s Composites and Defence business, also commented: “We are enormously proud to be supplying ultra-lightweight, bespoke ballistic shields to the Ministry of Defense.  Our cutting edge ballistic composite materials knowledge, coupled with rigorous in-house research, development and testing has allowed us to create ultra-lightweight ballistic shields, delivering outstanding levels of protection whilst enabling maximum maneuverability. 

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