CAMAC Platform Armor Systems by Morgan Advanced Materials Offer Lower Weight and Superior Multi-Hit Performance


Morgan’s CAMAC® platform armor portfolio includes appliqué armor, spall liners, structural composite survivability capsules for replacing metallic hulls, protected weapon stations and other applications. CAMAC® platform armor can be used on land, marine and aerospace platforms.

CAMAC® Appliqué armour provides lightweight, multi-hit protection for new and existing platforms against a wide range of threats from STANAG 4569 (Standardization Agreement (NATO)) Levels 2-6. CAMAC® spall liners improve crew and platform survivability through the mitigation of behind armour effects, whilst CAMAC® weapons stations deliver multi-hit protection and weight reductions for improved platform performance.

Morgan has world leading expertise in composite survivability capsules, with combat vehicles first fielded in 1990. Using Morgan CAMAC® armor, the Snatch Land Rover was the world’s first fully composite armored vehicle body. Morgan CAMAC® Composite Survivability Capsule technology has also been integrated into the TATA Motors LAMV as a key weight reduction enabler.

James Kempston, Business Manager – Composites and Defence Systems, North America, said: “The application of ultra-light CAMAC® armor on land, marine and air platforms offers many benefits in comparison to traditional metallic alternatives. Its light weight allows for improved air transportability and maneuverability. Being able to integrate CAMAC® platform armor onto new and existing platforms offers an opportunity for strategic weight reduction when designing or upgrading a platform”.

CAMAC® lightweight high protection platform armor is available in off-the-shelf systems for a variety of hull materials and thicknesses and can also be tailored to the requirements of the threat, the individual platform, and its operational duties. Morgan works with both OEMs and prime contractors to integrate armor on their vehicles. Extensive global capabilities means Morgan can design, prototype, test, manufacture and field advanced armor within tight timelines to meet urgent customer requirements.

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