Cutting Edge Investment from Morgan


A six-figure sum has been invested in a new high-specification water jet cutting machine which is further optimising cutting quality and consistency while also improving throughput.

The Coventry facility is established as a global centre of excellence for composite materials and has specific expertise in the production of armour systems to protect both individuals and vehicles. Accurate cutting is crucial to finished product quality and performance and the water jet cutter accurately recreates CAD designs in a variety of materials from fibre glass and commercial composites to the high-protection materials used in the international defence sector.

Duncan Eldridge, President of Morgan Advanced Materials - Composites & Defence Systems, explained: “Much of our cutting was previously undertaken manually but business growth and increased demand have driven the latest investment to automate and so speed up processing. The new equipment is guaranteeing cutting consistency and quality across a broad range of applications, enabling us to maintain the reputation for quality we have developed over many decades.”

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