LASA Ballistic Shields from Morgan Advanced Materials Pass NIJ Testing Standards at Independent Test Centre


Morgan Advanced Materials’ LASA Ballistic Shields have successfully passed ballistics testing in accordance with NIJ 0108.01 against NIJ Level III and special rifle threats.

The full NIJ compliant testing was carried out by Chesapeake Testing at an independent centre in the USA. The LASA ballistic shields were successfully tested against three different rifle rounds: 7.62x51mm M80 Ball, 7.62x39mm M67 (PS Ball) and 7.62x39mm M43 (PS Ball).

Passing the rigorous testing is testament to the performance of Morgan’s LASA Ballistic Shields, which deliver outstanding multi-hit rifle protection and an extreme low weight. With a thickness of just 16mm (0.6 inches) and an areal weight of just 16.0 kg/m2 (3.28 psf), Morgan’s LASA Ballistic Shields are 20% lighter than existing in-service solutions and allow for increased mobility and endurance.

Chris Davies, Technical Director of Composites and Defence Systems at Morgan Advanced Materials commented: “Successful completion of stringent NIJ 0108.01 testing demonstrates the outstanding performance of our LASA Ballistic Shields against a wide range of relevant threats. Our materials research and development coupled with our processing expertise and extensive product testing have allowed us to develop an ultra-lightweight ballistic shield that meets the needs of modern law enforcement and military personnel.”

Morgan’s LASA Ballistic Shields are available in four standard sizes, with bespoke shaped solutions also available for larger volumes. The range is available to buy from Morgan Composites and Defence Systems in Canada, UK and Singapore.

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