Morgan Advanced Materials Showcases Buoyant Level III Lightweight Rifle Plate and CAMAC™ Vehicle Armor at CANSEC 2015


Tested to NIJ Level III+, Morgan’s buoyant lightweight rifle plate provides outstanding multi-shot protection at the lowest weight and thickness, making it especially ideal for marine military and law enforcement environments. Weighing in at less than 1 kilogram and just 20 millimeters (0.79 inches) thick, the plate features a multi-curve ergonomic design with exceptional performance, fit, and comfort. The rifle plate can stop 5.56mm and 7.62mm rifle ammunition and can withstand close multi-hit shot spacing. Extensive testing has proven that the plates perform well under extreme temperature conditions.

Visitors to the booth can also see videos of the complete range of CAMAC™ advanced platform armor solutions. Engineered using a unique combination of advanced ceramic and structural composite materials, the high performance multi-hit armor weighs up to 50 per cent less than equivalent steel products for high threat level systems. To be highlighted are four key CAMAC products – structural armor, semi-structural armor, appliqué armor, and spall armor.

CAMAC™ structural armor’s reduced weight improves maneuverability, making it ideal in off-road or sand conditions. It can be custom designed to integrate with unique OEM platform requirements. CAMAC semi-structural armor, a good choice for ultra-light multi-hit weapons stations, increases vehicle stability and maneuverability through a lower center of gravity.

CAMAC™ appliqué armor offers lightweight multi-hit protection and is a good choice for both new platforms and upgrades. Solutions are available for a variety of threat levels, including small to medium caliber weapons, heavy machine guns, IEDs, and rocket propelled grenades. CAMAC spall armor improves crew and platform survivability through the mitigation of behind-armor effects and enhances protection when combined with CAMAC appliqué or structural armor.

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