Morgan helps Set New World Record at London Marathon 2015


After a team of current British Army officers secured the world record for completing a marathon wearing a bomb disposal suit back in 2012, they set themselves the challenge of beating their original time (6 hours 55 minutes and 59 seconds) in a bid to raise money for the Royal British Legion.

Major Iain Church took part in the 2015 London Marathon wearing a full bomb disposal suit.  Similar to those currently in service with the MOD, the suit is typically worn to give protection in the event of a blast.  Including the helmet it weighed 30kg (66lbs) and is designed with cutting-edge materials technology and garment engineering, resulting in the highest levels of protection, and maximum comfort and mobility for the user.

Iain was supported on the route by Major Nigel Marsh, Colonel Damian McKeown and Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Marc Finch.  With safety a key consideration, the team remotely monitored Iain’s internal body temperature using an internal thermometer – swallowed before the event.  The team was on hand to co-ordinate the speedy removal of the bomb suit and the application of ice packs or iced water to cool Iain down sufficiently to resume running should his body temperature have risen above 39.5°C; emergency cooling procedures were only required once, at mile 23.

In completing the London Marathon, Iain and his team were hoping to achieve two aims. The first was to raise as much money as possible for The Royal British Legion, a charity that has supported members of the armed services and their families for generations; the second was to break their own world record, ideally setting a new world record of 6 hours 30 minutes or less.

Iain was successful in his record attempt, registering a time of 6 hours, 28 minutes and 6 seconds.  Commenting on his achievement, he said; “I’m absolutely over the moon that we were able to beat the previous world record by more than 27 minutes. A special thanks to my team, and to Morgan Advanced Materials for designing such an impressive piece of kit, without which none of this would have been possible. Fundraising has gone really well and is still ongoing; the team giving page is”

Morgan Advanced Materials has a longstanding history with the armed forces, supporting them through the design and manufacture of lightweight, high-protection armour systems for vehicles and personnel. 

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