Morgan’s New Material Helps Pumps Keep Running In Extreme Environments


Morgan’s MAT-240 material is ideal for extreme conditions which are intolerable to other carbon graphite materials, due to the special formulation which allows for self-lubricating. MAT-240 transfers a lubricous film which withstands dry conditions, steam and vacuum applications, and a range of operating environments including marginally and fully lubricated.

Prior to launch, MAT-240 was successfully trialled in mixer seals which featured a dry nitrogen barrier. Here, no other carbon or graphite material was able to provide protection without the presence of polar gases. Additionally, the new material has proved its suitability in methane gas, steam and air applications, including the most demanding dry applications across a temperature range of cryogenic to around 230°C.

Michael Ritter of Morgan Advanced Materials explains: “Extensive internal testing has shown that the coefficient of friction of MAT-240 is less than half that of other comparable materials, meaning it offers significantly improved wear resistance.

“Additionally, when running in dry nitrogen, MAT-240’s friction values are again proven to be less than half the values of typical carbon and graphite materials. These properties help keep pumps and seals running for longer than has previously been possible in dry and other challenging operating conditions, maximising uptime and reducing replacement costs.”

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