Richard Clark of Morgan Advanced Materials Selected to Speak on Microporous Insulation at MS&T15 Thermal Protection Materials and Systems Symposium


Mr. Clark will focus on how microporous insulation materials can facilitate the slim and lightweight construction design that is essential in the aerospace and aircraft industries. The materials are used as part of engine insulation in civilian aircraft, as well as in rocket engines, flight data recorders (“black boxes”), and other exhaust systems, as well as part of high efficiency fire protection systems. With the correct material, high thermal insulation and low weight characteristics can be achieved at temperatures up to 1100°C.

The talk will share a variety of application examples illustrating why microporous insulation materials’ excellent thermal characteristics and design flexibility make them an ideal choice for protecting sensitive measuring instruments. Examples include the NetLander designed for the ESA Mars expedition, which provided the legacy for MetNet and other planetary probe missions.

While focusing on extreme applications, Mr. Clark will also examine how microporous insulation material and design considerations facilitate improvements in other energy-related applications.

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