Group Revenue by Market

Morgan works in the industrial, transportation, petrochemical and chemical, energy, semiconductor and electronics, healthcare and security and defence markets, forming close collaborative relationships with our customers.

Industrial: 48% of revenue

Morgan designs and manufactures products with a wide range of performance characteristics including superior insulating properties, dimensional stability, strength and stiffness for use in a broad spectrum of challenging processes and manufacturing environments. With these materials, the Group engineers components which are highly resistant to chemical and physical wear, corrosion and extreme temperatures. These components are at the heart of many industrial processes where they drive optimised process efficiency and productivity alongside reduced waste, improved safety and lower environmental impact.

Transportation: 21% of revenue

Morgan makes high-performance components and sub-assemblies to exacting standards for aerospace, automotive, marine and rail applications, including carbon brushes and collectors for trains and high-temperature fibre products used for emission control in vehicles.

Petrochemical and Chemical: 9% of revenue

Morgan manufactures a range of components ideally suited to the uniquely demanding operating environments found in the global petrochemical industry. Our products and materials are routinely chosen to fulfil critical applications for on- and offshore exploration, drilling and downstream processing owing to their resistance to chemical and physical wear, corrosion and extreme heat.

Energy: 6% of revenue

Morgan manufactures products for power generation from renewable and traditional sources and insulation materials for heat management. Our advanced thermal insulation is used to insulate heat recovery steam generators in power and industrial plants, our carbon brushes offer world leading performance in power generation applications, our newly developed carbon material grades are used for wind generation applications that extend life and reduce service costs.

Semiconductor and Electronics: 6% of revenue

Morgan manufactures components that help the electronics industry in its drive towards higher performance and reliability in smaller, more efficient, more robust products. We work closely with customers to design and manufacture intricate components with specific electrical and thermal properties within restricted and challenging size constraints. Our ceramic metallisation processes have played a major role in the commercialisation of modern communication, signalling and control technologies, including ultra-high-frequency signal transmission.

Healthcare: 5% of revenue

Morgan manufactures a broad variety of components for use in medical instrumentation as well as in tools for treatment and surgery. Medical engineering demands the highest standards of precision, accuracy, reliability and performance. Equipment manufacturers and medical professionals choose our materials for their exceptional physical characteristics. Our deep understanding of ceramic material properties, together with expertise in braze alloy design, allows us to produce high-density, highly reliable feedthroughs for a range of medical applications, including cochlear implants and neuro-stimulation.

Security and Defence: 5% of revenue

Morgan supplies precision-engineered materials and components to meet the exacting standards of security and defence markets.