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Europe Locations


Morgan AM&T Belgium - Sales
National Bv
Branch Office Belgium
Leuvensesteenweg 613
B-1930 Zaventem-zuid 7

T: +32(2)2522025
F: +32(2)2531001

Czech Republic

Morgan AM&T Czech - Sales
Morgan Carbon Czech s.r.o
Washingtonova 1599/17
11000 Praha 1 - Nov Misto

T: +420 733 172 014
F: +420 227 204 957


Andrézieux - Financial
Thermal Ceramics de France S.A.S.
3, rue du 18 Juin 1827, Centre de vie BP 75
42160 Andrezieux-Boutheon

T: +33 (0)4 77 55 56 80
F: +33 (0)4 77 55 56 99
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Close to our Saint Marcellin plant, our Andreziex-Boutheon office is a base for our European Financial division together with some of our IT facilities.

Ecrans thermiques department - Manufacturing / Sales: Heat Shields
Ecrans Thermique division
ZI du Léard, 49380 Thouracré, France

T: +33 (0)2 41 54 07 25
F: +33 (0)2 41 54 02 47
Map Link

Since 1981 Ecrans thermiques supplied customised high temperature thermal insulation for mobile heat sources in shipping, aeroplanes and land vehicles.

Our major assets include:

  • Innovative technology which includes encapsulating high performance thermal insulating material from thin stainless steel foil, in glass textile or the both.
  • 5,000 m² full equipped work shop for developing unique and effective solutions, both technical and economical to meet customer needs & requirements.

Our key to success is a full appraisal of the unit to be insulated in cooperation with the customer, such as:

  • Initial definition of what they require
  • Dedicated research
  • Development of prototypes and pilot production
  • Serial delivery from a few units to several thousands.

The Ecrans Thermiques department has the ISO 9001 (2000 version) and ISO 14001,AECMA EASE (aerospace) certification, Hygiene and Security Standards (European Directives n°90/394/EC), Fire / Smoke Classification: A1 according to Directive n°89/106/EC.

Ecrans Thermique is located in Thouarcé, in the depths of the Angers’vineyard, 300 km in the west of Paris, 100 km in the east of Nantes, Capital of Duc de Bretagne.

Business Scope
Sales & Marketing

Morgan AM&T Chalons - Manufacturing
15 Avenue Becquerel,
Chalons, Champagne
France 51000

T: +33 326218128
Morgan AM&T France - Sales
Morgan Carbon France
4 Rue de la Houblonniere
68000 Colmar

T: 0033 (0)3 89 21 09 60
F: 0033 (0)3 89 41 24 17
Morgan MMS France - Sales
Transport Vaquier, 452 Garoner, Aulnay sous bois,
France 93618

T: +33 1 48 65 79 52
Rue de Tivoli, BP 5,
Montendre 17130

T: +33 5 46 49 49 60
Fours industriels Mourable, ZI Parc Carnot, 2 rue des Erables, Venissieux,
France 69200

T: +33 4 78 70 14 75
Thermal Ceramics de France - Lillebonne Division - Manufacturing: Vacuum Formed
ZA Les Compas
76170 Lillebonne

T: +33 (0)235384123
F: +33 (0)235388078
Map Link

The production site of Lillebonne (2 hours West from Paris) is dedicated to the conversion of Superwool & RCF Kaowool fibres into vacuum formed shapes & boards.

The site employs 65 people with a high expertise on production of VF products.

Our facilities are designed to be the centre of excellence, converting the highest tonnage of fibres in Europe into special shapes for numerous applications such as casting tips for continuous aluminium casting, crucibles for super-alloys & insulation of domestic appliance.

We are extremely proud to have achieved accreditation for ISO 14001 for our plants facilities, this together with our on-going quality commitments ensures our best service is always offered to you.

Listening to our customers’ requirements we have put many efforts in successfully developing a range of SW607HT recipes, dedicated to various applications to ease the conversion of RCF to fibres with low bio persistency.

Thermal Ceramics de France S.A.S. - Sales
5, boulevard Marcel Pourtout
F-92563 Rueil-Malmaison Cedex

T: +33 (0)1 47 16 22 00
F: +33 (0)1 47 16 22 20
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 Close to Paris, Rueil-Malmaison is home to our:

  • Sitek sales team
  • Automotive sales team
  • Human Resources team

Automotive: Sales and marketing of Thermal and acoustic insulation for automotive applications.
and Building Products (Sitek) – Sales & distribution of building products mainly made by our plant in Wissembourg.

Thermal Ceramics de France S.A.S. - Wissembourg division - Manufacturing: Boards, Sitek
Route de Lauterbourg
B.P. 148
67163 Wissembourg Cedex

T: +33(0) 3 88 54 87 00
F: +33(0)3 88 54 29 20
Map Link

Thermal Ceramics de France S.A.S.’s Wissembourg plant has been established since 1966. The Plant is located at the far North-East of France (country called Alsace) near the German border. It is built in an industrial zone on a property of 21 ha belonging to the company near the town of Wissembourg (2 km).

Its business is mainly oriented to the production of:

  • High temperature refractory fibre boards (BOARD/BLOK).
  • Expanded Perlite insulation boards for building applications (FESCO)
  • Fire protection boards (BATIBOARD)
  • Preforms for automotive engine blocks (PREFORMS)
  • Paper slitting

Though our main markets are in Europe, the Boards and Blok products are widely distributed in America and Asia Pacific through our other TC offices outside of Europe.

Business Scope
Manufacturing & Sales

Core Product
High Temperature Boards, Blok, FESCO, Batiboard, preforms

Thermal Ceramics France - Saint-Marcellin Plant - Manufacture / Sales: Fibre
Lieu-dit les Plantees, B.P. No:4
42680 Saint-Marcellin en Forez

T: +33 (0) 4 77 5273 00
F: +33 (0) 4 77 53 73 09

Our Saint Marcellin plant prides itself as the largest manufacturing facility for high temperature insulating fibre materials. The core product manufactured is the full range of Superwool fibre – the leading bio soluble insulation material for high temperature applications. Our fibre technology which started from our Saint-Marcellin plant has now been transferred to other Thermal Ceramics manufacturing facilities worldwide.

Over the last few years, the newly built facility was extended and especially designed to satisfy increasing demands in Superwool products. The markets’ renowned brand of Superwool 607 family of products has now been on the market since its invention for over 10 years.

Thermal Ceramics has been committed in implementing continuous improvements in all its production processes. Our dedicated team are constantly seeking to develop productivity of the plant, while at the same time creating a safer working environment. This is achieved with an on-going process improvement programme with the introduction of advanced process monitoring and control systems. Together with knowledge & experience from our production team allows us to share with you the benefits.

Our Saint-Marcellin division also houses an extensive stock of all forms of material to ensure products are available and your timescales are met.

Business Scope
Manufacturing, Fibre - Superwool


Morgan AM&T Antweiller - Manufacturing
41 Bergstrasse,
Antweiler, Rheinl.Pfalz 53533

T: +49 2693 93330
Morgan AM&T Germany - Manufacturing
MORGAN-REKOFA GmbH Site/Werk Remagen
Zeppelinstrasse 26
53424 Remagen

T: +49 2642 9040-0
F: +49 2642 9040-251
Morgan MMS Germany - Manufacturing
Morgan Molten Metal Systems GmbH
Noltinastrasse 29
D-37297 Berkatal Germany

T: +49 (0) 56 57 701 0
F: +49 (0) 56 57 701 56
Morgan Technical Ceramics Haldenwanger - Manufacture & Sales
Teplitzerstrasse 27,
D-84478, Waldkraiburg,

T: +49 (0) 86 38 600 40
F: +49 (0) 86 38 810 900
MTC Haldenwanger specialises in the manufacture of custom made tubes, rollers and kiln furniture for the Thermal Processing Industry. We also manufacture porcelain laboratory ware and plates for ballistic protection. Our product range is made from oxide and non-oxide ceramic materials used in applications which fully utilise their thermal, chemical and mechanical properties.
Morgan Technical Ceramics Wesgo - Manufacture & Sales
Willi-Grasser-Str. 11,
D-91056, Erlangen

T: +49 91 31 79 760
F: +49 91 31 79 7633
This site manufactures high purity alumina ceramic parts from the range of Wesgo 94% to 99.5% Alumina. A high percentage of products supplied are metallised, with molybdenum-manganese and nickel plated, ready for customers to braze. The site also has its own brazing capability. Processes are die and Iso-pressing, green machining, firing, diamond grinding and metallising. Formerly part of the Wesgo group, it is recognized by this name.
Thermal Ceramics Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG - Sales / Engineering: Iron & Steel
Borsigstr. 4-6, D-21465 Reinbek

T: +49(0)40-66 999 35 - 0
F: +49 40 72709-5100
Map Link

Thermal Ceramics Deutschland based in Reinbek close to the city of Hamburg, houses our sales organisation responsible for Germany and Austria, and our important and very successful engineering department.

We are more than just suppliers of refractory materials; we provide first class engineering, installation and supervision worldwide. With the latest AutoCAD equipment in our office, we are constantly on-hand to advise and analyse solutions that not only meet the specification required, but also the most effective means of reducing unnecessary cost.

Besides customer-advice, TC Deutschland specialises Iron & Steel, Ceramic and general furnace building for complete projects.

We work closely with other TC divisions located worldwide, transferring technical know-how and shared experiences to guarantee you get the right solution every time.

Business Scope
Sales & Marketing, Engineering


Morgan AM&T Hungary - Manufacturing
Morgan Materials Hungary Ltd.
Gymr?i str. 118.
H-1103 Budapest

T: 0036 1 265 2206
F: 0036 1 265 1219
Morgan AM&T Szigetszentmiklos - Manufacturing
15 Csepeli strasse,
Szigetszentmikls H-2310

T: +36 245 152 40


Morgan AM&T Italy - Manufacturing
Morgan Carbon Italia srl
Via Roma 338 - 64014 Martinsicuro TE

T: +39-861-7981
F: +39-861-761860
Thermal Ceramics - Casal, Italy - Manufacture / Sales: IFB
Via Delle Rogge 6
26841 Casalpusterlengo, (LO)

T: +39 0377 922450
F: +39 0377 832062
Map Link

Thermal Ceramics Italiana was founded in 1966 as manufacturers of insulating refractory products for high temperature applications. Over the years the company has grown through acquisitions; the two most important players in the ceramic and petrochemical areas: Zambelli and Ciria respectively.

Our business scope for Thermal Ceramics Italiana is to provide solutions to high temperature applications through a vast range of products, both those manufactured in the Italian plant and those traded from the other Thermal Ceramics companies worldwide.

Over the last few years the facility in Casalpusterlengo Italy has been our main producer of insulating firebricks. IFB plays a major role in high temperature applications as a fibre alternative producing the two main processes of slinger, and cast. IFB brands JM23 JM26 JM28 & JM30 are renowned for their quality and endurance in elevated temperatures giving reliability to many applications in Ceramics, CPI Iron & Steel and heat treatment amongst others.

We produce all kinds of special shapes for arches, roof blocks, dome and with CNC machines we can follow with extremely high precision all type of drawings.

Plant management at Casapusterlengo has been continuously seeking to improve the productivity of the plant, while at the same time creating a safer working environment. Since 1999 they have been working on an improvement plan to increase the use of robotic handling within the facility. Overall the robots are working extremely well and are reducing manpower, rejects, and most importantly reducing the number of Health and Safety accidents within the site.

In addition to the exceptional plant facilities which have been continually manufacturing for over 40 years, Thermal Ceramics Italiana also comprises outstanding field experience and market knowledge within its sales & engineering teams.

Our Casalpusterlengo plant is also a major player in the manufacturing of a wide range of Castable products for heat-intensive challenges.

Available in different formulations, densities, and installation methods - our castables can be used as primary or secondary insulation lining, for repair, or for specialty applications.

Thermal Ceramics castable products feature excellent thermal shock resistance, good strength, and resistance to mechanical impact and molten metals.

Business Scope
Manufacturing, Sales, Engineering

Core Product
IFB, Castables

Thermal Ceramics Italiana - Ciria Division - Sales / Engineering: CPI
Via delle Rogge 6
26841 Casalpusterlengo (LO)

T: +39 (0) 377 9221
F: +39 (0) 377 922 205
Map Link

Ciria, located just outside Milano, was established to provide Engineering and turnkey project management to major contracts worldwide covering industry sectors such as Petrochemical, Refinery, Power, Petroleum.

Our facility is fully equipped with the latest AutoCAD technology and experienced, dedicated team of engineers making Ciria the leading division for CPI.

Refractory materials are supplied to Ciria from Thermal Ceramics plants worldwide, ensuring the quality is consistent, the delivery times are met and all within the best cost basis ensuring your needs & requirements are met.

Business Scope
Engineering & Turnkey Project Management

Thermal Ceramics Italiana - Zambelli Renzo Div. - Sales
Strada Statale 467, No. 14,
42013 Casalgrande (Reggio Emilia)

T: +39 0522 846 470
F: +39 0522 849 433
Map Link

Zambelli Renzo was established in 1966 as a commercial partner to Johns-Manville and subsequently became part of Thermal Ceramics in 1990. It was in 1997 when the Zambelli division transferred their set-up to Thermal Ceramics Italiana strengthening and improving the services offered to our customers.

Our Bulk, rolls, rigid fibre panels & vacuum formed pieces have specific characteristics that make them functional for the use they are recommended for.
The grades and characteristics of our refractory bricks make them easy to use, highly isolating and resistant enough with maximum temperatures. Easily workable, these bricks are particularly useful for their use as roller-bricks, roof blocks and special shapes.

Within the vast range of products, Zambelli offer dense & insulating refractory cements, which satisfy requests for application by gunning, by spray or by trowel.

Our products are able to give the flexibility of manufacturing kilns with notably reduced energy consumption, whilst our close ties with our Engineering department in Thermal Ceramics Italiana (our Casalpusterlengo division) are on-hand to assist giving you a technical solution to your requirements

We are small division within Thermal Ceramics Italiana, but we have vast experience, knowledge & drive to give you our optimum service, support and solutions.

Business Scope
Sales & Marketing


Morgan AM&T Luxembourg - Manufacturing
Morganite Luxembourg S.A.
Usine Windhof
L-8301 Capellen

T: +352 398403


Morgan AM&T Holland - Manufacturing
National BV
Kernweg 32
1627LH Hoorn
The Netherlands

T: +31(0)229255555
F: +31(0)229216109
Thermal Ceramics Benelux B.V. - Sales
Tramweg 27, 3255 MB Oude Tonge

T: +31 (187) 64 1466
F: +31 (187) 64 2881
Map Link

Thermal Ceramics Benelux B.V. was established in 1982 as Trencon Vuurvast B.V.

Following a successful reign for 17 years building up the business and playing an active part in developing the market, Thermal Ceramics Benelux B.V. was set-up in 1999 and became the regional sales office for the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg market.

Thermal Ceramics Benelux operates in Oude Tonge located approx. 30km south of Rotterdam and approx. 50km from Antwerp.

Being in a centralised location right next to the harbour, allows excellent logistics for transportation and stocking of materials giving you the customer more flexibility and reassurance to meet your needs & requirements on-time, in fact we currently hold the largest stock of our K bricks for TC Europe.

Today, we have a small team operating from Oude Tonge, all enthusiastic to learn and highly focussed to ensure customer service is priority.

Thermal Ceramics Benelux is ideally situated and with the necessary skills and experience to service major players in the HRSG markets, Aluminium industry and Hobby kiln builders. We do also offer the complete range of high temperature insulating products form all our TC plants worldwide.

Business Scope
Sales & Marketing


Morgan AM&T Poland - Sales
Morgan Carbon Polska Sp. Z.o.o.
05-082 Stare Babice
ul. Topolowa 4

T: 00 48 22 499 61 68
F: 00 48 22 722 03 93
Thermal Ceramic Polska Sp. z o. o. - Sales
9, Towarowa Str.
44-100 Gliwice

Sales & Finance
T: +48 32 3053113; +48 32 3053114;
F: +48 32 3053115;

Sales Ukraine
T: +380 505048162

Map Link

Our Eastern Europe division, Thermal Ceramics Polska sales office, was established in February 1999 and registered in Warsaw with an office in Silesia, industrial region south of Poland near the Czech and Slovak boarder in Gliwice. Since 2004 registration has been moved to our local office in Gliwice.

TC Poland plays a vital role in improving cooperation with existing markets, developing new customers and distribution network. Our dedicated team offers drive and enthusiasm to the growing demands optimizing our best products and services available from Thermal Ceramics worldwide.

The core products we offer are Superwool & Ceramic fibres along with Insulation Fire Bricks. Our local stock enhances our supply in area of our responsibility in Eastern Europe.

The addition to these high quality fibre products and bricks Thermal Ceramics’ broad product offering and further solidifies the company’s position as the leading supplier of high temperature insulating materials in the world.

Business Scope


Morgan AM&T Spain - Sales
Sabino Arana, 10
48940 - Leioa (Vizcaya)

T: +34 944642255
F: +34 944642877
Thermal Ceramics Espana - Sales
Thermal Ceramics España S.L.
C/ Juan Pablo II, nº6, 2º, local A.
12003 Castellón

Thermal Ceramics España S.L.
Carretera Castellón-Alcora km. 20,3
12110 Alcora - Castellón

T: +34 964 232 552
F: +34 964 238 805
Map Link

Thermal Ceramics Espana was established in October 1992 in Castellon.

Our division functions as the main sales office with responsibility for Spain & Portugal which we serve through our distribution network. We offer a full range of insulating & refractory products as a complete package from our worldwide manufacturing plants including Venezuela, Brazil, China, India etc.

We operate with a small, but yet focussed team with knowledge and experience in many industry sectors such as Aluminium, Ceramics, CPI amongst others.

We are committed to satisfy our customers with the best insulation solution, providing quality products and improving speed to market.

We have recently moved offices - to view directions from our old site to our new site, please click here.


Morgan AM&T Sweden
National Electrical Carbon B.V. Kungsgatan 62
753 18 Uppsala

T: +46 (0)18 477 67 07
F: +46 (0)18 477 67 35


Morgan AM&T Switzerland - Sales
Morganite National Carbon AG Switzerland
Steinackerstrasse 25, 8301 Kloten - Switzerland

T: +41 044 800 70 30
F: +41 044 800 70 39


Morgan AM&T Turkey - Manufacturing
Morgan Karbon Grafit Sanayi A.S.
Ikitelli Organize Sanayi Bolgesi
Eskop Sanayi Sitesi
B2 Blok No: 156

T: +90 212 671 32 87
F: +90 212 549 48 72


Morgan AM&T Swansea - Manufacturing
Morganite Electrical Carbon Ltd
Upper Forest Way
Swansea SA6 8PP

T: +44 1792 763000
F: +44 1792 763167
Morgan AM&T United Kingdom - Manufacturing
Unit 13 Madeley Rd
North Moons Moat
B98 9NB

T: +44 (0)1527 69205
Morgan MMS UK - Sales
Woodbury Lane, Norton,
Worcestershire WR5 2PU
United Kingdom

T: +44 1905 728200
Morgan Technical Ceramics Certech - Manufacture & Sales
92 c&d Brunel Road,
Earlstrees Industrial Estate,
Northants NN17 4JW

T: +44 (0) 1536 202 282
F: +44 (0) 1536 202 261
MTC Certech specialises in the manufacture of ceramic cores predominantly for aerospace and industrial turbine applications. Our cores allow the creation of internal cavities during the investment casting process that are too complex or too small to be shelled. We also manufacture porous ceramics and various foundry supplies.
Morgan Technical Ceramics ElectroCeramics - Manufacture & Sales
Vauxhall Industrial Estate,
LL14 6HY Wales

T: +44 (0) 1978 810 456
F: +44 (0) 1978 824 303
This site manufactures Piezoelectric ceramics, Dielectric and low loss Microwave ceramics and also manufactures multilayer capacitors using the high dielectric range of materials. Processes include Tape Casting, Iso pressing, die pressing, extrusion, green machining, firing, multilayer electroding and co-firing, grinding, metallising and assembly.
Bursledon Road,
Southampton, SO19 7TG

T: +44 (0) 2380 444 811
F: +44 (0) 2380 431 768
This site manufactures Piezoelectric ceramics and designs and builds transducers. Processes include die pressing, firing, grinding, metallising, assembly and testing.
Morgan Technical Ceramics Rugby - Manufacture & Sales
Central Park Drive,
Central Park,
Warwickshire CV23 0WE

T: +44 (0) 1788 542 166
F: +44 (0) 1788 539 202
Produces a wide variety of products from bare ceramic components to ceramic/metal assemblies. Rugby manufactures most of its custom products from a range of Alumina materials but also produces Zirconia components. Processes include Iso pressing, die pressing, green machining, firing, grinding, metallising and brazing.
Morgan Technical Ceramics Stourport - Manufacture & Sales
Bewdley Road,
DY13 8DW
(Sat Nav DY13 8QR)

T: +44 (0) 1299 827 000
F: +44 (0) 1299 827 872

The first ceramic manufacturing site to be purchased by Morgan Crucible, the Stourport site manufactures the majority of its products from a range of alumina and steatite materials. Processes are material preparation, Iso-static pressing, green machining, firing and grinding.

NP Aerospace - UK - Manufacturing
473 Foleshill Road

T: +44 (0)24 7670 2802
F: +44 (0)24 7668 7313
Thermal Ceramics - Fired Shapes division - Manufacture / Sales: Fired Shapes
Commercial Road, Bromborough
Wirral, Merseyside CH62 3NL
United Kingdom

T: +44 (0)151 343 5451
F: +44 (0)151 343 5437
Map Link


Thermal Ceramics Fired Shapes Division as it is now known, primarily manufactures and supplies refractories for the vacuum induction melting of Super Alloys and Nickel based materials. We design and manufacture crucibles, launders and tundishes for this market.
Other refractory components for the vacuum induction melting markets such as furnace spouts, distribution boxes (often referred to as hot tops), samplers, and Metamics are also supplied.

Thermal Ceramics Fired Shapes Division is preferred supplier to the main designers and manufacturers of Vacuum Induction Melting Furnaces, ALD and Consarc for refractory consumable items as described above.


The Fired Shapes Division moved to a green field site in Neston on the Wirral in 1949 from its original birthplace at Battersea, England. We were then known as Morgan Refractories. Various divisional changes meant that for a period of time in the late 1980's we were known as Morganite Thermal Ceramics until we were brought in to the Thermal Ceramics portfolio in the early 1990's.

1984 saw the acquisition of Denver Fireclay, Colorado, bringing the DFC name amongst the familiar brands. This is no longer part of the Morgan group.

In 1992 the purchase of Refractory Mouldings and Castings (RMC) in Kegworth UK, enabled Fired Shapes to manufacture Isostatically Pressed Crucibles in Zirconia, Magnesia, Sillimanite, Alumina, and Chrome Alumina under the name ISOPREST.

2002 saw Thermal Ceramics UK's Fired Shapes Division move to its current facility at Commercial Road, Bromborough allowing major upgrades to its existing manufacturing processes. The purchase of a 30,000 psi Isostatic Press at the new site allowed the production of Zirconia Crucibles for the Investment casting of Turbine Blades.


Those of you who have been in the industry for many years may still be familiar with the original brands such as Supermor, Supermul and Zirmul which although no longer used today - are still manufactured and are widely used across the industries.
The grades of materials have developed over the years to meet the ever increasing demands of pouring refractories, from the Supermor days to the Triangle refractories era to today. The current generation of tundishes, launders and distribution boxes are supplied in the widely used grades of 66V Sillimanite and 90V High Alumina with many variations and combinations in between.

Our primary presence is in the Super Alloy sector, though we do serve a wide range of other industries such as Heat Treatment - supplying complete furnace lining Muffles for Sealed Quench and Atmosphere furnaces; Glass - supplying refractories and patching materials for both the Superstructure and fore-hearth consumables; Precious Metals - supplying crucibles for assaying and refining; Advanced Ceramics - supplying Setters, Saggars and Trays as Kiln Furniture for ceramic, carbon and semiconductor applications.

With branches in the Canon City and Augusta USA and Furnace Industries in Perth, Australia we work together to provide a truly global service. Using materials including Zirconia, Alumina, Mullite and Silicon Carbide, firing up to 1700°C gives Thermal Ceramics Fired Shapes Division the capability and expertise to meet all your refractory needs.

Business Scope
Sales & marketing, Manufacturing

Core Product
Fired Shapes

Thermal Ceramics UK Ltd - Sales
Tebay Road, Bromborough
Wirral, Merseyside CH62 3PH
United Kingdom

T: +44 (0)151 334 4030
F: +44 (0)151 334 1684
Map Link

Thermal Ceramics UK was first incorporated as Morganite Ceramics Fibres Ltd in 1966. As part of a major restructuring programme over the years involving acquisitions and business transfers, TC UK increased its product portfolio, developing synergies between the fibre, vacuum forming, converted products, castables and shapes businesses’. After a series of name changes the company was officially renamed Thermal Ceramics UK Limited in 1999 and is now spread over 2 sites in Bromborough, which can be found on the Wirral close to the river Mersey.

Thermal Ceramics UK Ltd at Tebay road is the main office for sales & distribution in for the UK, Ireland and the Nordic markets, in addition to some export in other parts of the world.

We service Power Generation, Petrochemical, Iron and Steel, Aluminium, Glass, Whitewares, Cement, Automotive, Domestic Appliance and Fire Protection markets.

Our Mission is to continually strive to offer our customers advanced, engineered solutions, which will increase energy saving and provide environmental improvements.

Our newly set-up offices is home to a combination of mature, experienced people with vast knowledge in the field of high temperature, and newer, more innovative people bringing enthusiasm, and who adapt easily to changes in the market place.

Business Scope
Sales & marketing, Marketing Europe Communications HQ

Thermal Ceramics UK Ltd - R&D - Research & Development
Tebay Road, Bromborough
Wirral, Merseyside CH62 3PH
United Kingdom

T: +44 (0)151 334 4030
F: +44 (0)151 334 1684
Map Link

In 2008 our Global R&D team are moving into new state-of-the-art premises which will give them the facilities needed to increase the pace of innovation and meet the changing demands of the modern World. The new R&D Centre, which is being developed at our Bromborough site in UK, opens in April 2008. It has a brand new laboratory for analytical work and three pilot lines for developing the production process for high temperature fibres up to the point where it can be transferred to one of the main production plants. A very important new facility is the test kiln which can be used for testing fire protection materials or measuring the performance of different types of furnace lining construction under 100% realistic conditions.

Thermal Ceramics dedication to innovation and the development of high temperature insulation is demonstrated fully by the investment in this new R&D Centre.

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Morgan Advanced Materials plc is registered in England
Registered office at Quadrant, 55-57 High Street, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 1LP UK Company number: 286773.

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