Morgan Advanced Materials Bolsters Halsic-N Production Capability in Response to Growing Market Demand


As recent forecasts* estimate enviable growth of 69% in the global ceramics industry between 2014 and 2020, one global materials specialist is already boosting production capability for the luxury ceramic tableware market, in respond to demand from across Europe.

Morgan Advanced Materials has further developed a range of kiln furniture made from a specially-formulated material which offers significantly increased strength and resilience and therefore, lower maintenance costs over the course of its projected lifetime.

The material, known as Halsic®-N, is a nitride-bonded silicon carbide, with a microstructure which offers increased mechanical strength and greater durability than typical materials used for kiln furniture. It is an advancement of Morgan’s popular Halsic®-R range, designed to have a longer lifespan, with enhanced refractory properties including resistance to oxidation, and thermal shock. All components are available in a range of standard and bespoke whitewash coatings, allowing for porcelain articles to be easily removed from the kiln furniture.

Dr. Michael Rozumek, R&D Director at Morgan Advanced Materials explained: “Throughout Europe we are seeing increasing demand for luxury ceramic products. With the threat of low-cost ceramic products from emerging markets, greater material performance and quality are highly valuable USPs.

“Halsic®-N is our response to this demand. A material with a flexural strength of 160MPa, improved oxidation resistance and resistance to creep deformation, it delivers all of the key performance attributes demanded by kiln users.  Morgan also has the capability to form shapes to the exact dimensions required by customers, delivering a material that can be relied upon for repeated use during rapid heating and cooling.”

Drawing on decades of expertise in ceramic materials, Morgan employs state-of-the-art production and digital prototyping technologies to refine bespoke kiln furniture designs in line with specific end user requirements, including specific requests for reduced weight.

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