Customers and Suppliers

Morgan Advanced Materials continues to benefit from long-term relationships with many customers and suppliers, reflecting the effectiveness of our customer service and supplier-related strategies.

These customer and supplier relationships are key to our goal of being one of the world’s best advanced material companies with the aim of creating long-term sustainable shareholder value.

Our dealings with our customers and suppliers are covered by our Core Values Statement and Ethics Policy and we believe in working in partnership to ensure that we conduct our business fairly and with due consideration for our stakeholders.

The Chief Operating Officer has specific responsibility for customers and suppliers and the related policies and procedures within their respective Divisions.

Morgan focuses on innovation to solve customer problems: Joe Landa


One of Morgan Advanced Materials' five strategic priorities is to ‘Be high value-added to our customers’. We aim to provide products and services of the highest technical standards appropriate to our customers’ own requirements. This involves staying close to customers and responding quickly to changing customer demand whilst building effective relationships that allow needs to be identified early.  We also work to continuously improve product availability, quality and value. 

Our quality management systems help to ensure that our products meet or exceed customer requirements. Over 90% of the Group’s manufacturing capacity is accredited to ISO 9001. 

Suppliers and business partners

We are committed to working with our suppliers and business partners in mutually beneficial ways, and, so far as is practicable, we require that our customers and suppliers throughout the supply chain and our joint-venture partners and contractors act in accordance with our values and policies. 

Management of the supply chain is a key part of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditation and includes supplier questionnaires as appropriate. 


We welcome feedback on our customer and supplier-related policies and systems. Please contact us by email on or by post at the head office address listed in the 'Contact Us' section.