2020 Health and Safety Priorities

Morgan will continue to focus on the deployment of the ‘thinkSAFE’ refresh program focusing on the three main areas of behavioural change, new tools and approaches that sites will adopt and framework adoption.

Behavioural change

  • Every site will complete an all-inclusive launch activity to set the tone for the refresh.
  • Quarterly training and local activities to reflect, strengthen and embed the‘thinkSAFE’ commitments.

New tools and approaches that sites will adopt

  • Our main leadership engagement tool ‘Visual Safety Leadership’ (VSL) will be improved and rolled out to all leadership teams.
  • Sites will increase the focus on continuous improvement of their ‘thinkSAFE’ activities.
  • Skills and competence review of the EHS function with subsequent gap closure and development plans put in place for individuals.
  • A number of new leading KPIs will be introduced, measured and discussed regularly by various levels in the organisation.

Framework adoption

  • We have reviewed and refreshed our Safety Framework, which provides guidance and direction around our key risks. Sites will be supported to review and understand any gaps against the standard, implement closure plans and the Group Safety Audit programme will ensure that we have a robust checking process in place.