Morgan Advanced Materials

Stakeholder engagement

Our stakeholders are key to the delivery of our strategy. Below we set out the many ways we engage with stakeholders and why their engagement matters.


Those who own shares or wish to own shares in Morgan Advanced Materials.

Why our stakeholders are important to us

how we engage with our stakeholders
What matters to our stakeholders

Our investors provide capital for our business. We value this commitment and want to ensure investors have a deep understanding of our business, our strategy, the market environment and our governance arrangements. It is important to us that we foster an open and transparent relationship to enable investors to make effective investment decisions.

We engage with our investors directly through both the formal presentation of results and investor roadshows.

In 2022, we also held a capital markets event to talk more in depth with our investors about our four faster growing market segments.

We also use these opportunities to talk about the future and the longer-term plans for our business.

When asked, we complete investor questionnaires which give a further insight into key aspects of our business performance.

We provide a dedicated section on our website which offers timely information on how we are performing against our stated ESG goals.

We publish a yearly sustainability report that details the progress we are making against our ESG targets, including full disclosure of metrics and ratings linked to environmental performance.

  • Capital gain through share price appreciation;
  • Capital return via dividends;
  • Profitability and business growth potential;
  • Quality of governance;
  • Responsibility and fairness;
  • The protection of the environment through the use of more sustainable materials and the reduction of carbon emissions, reduction in water use and improved waste management;
  • Demonstrating our ‘good governance’ approach throughout our decision making;
  • Demonstrating the positive contribution we make to society through the employment opportunities we provide, through our interactions with the communities where we have our sites and through the support we provide to our people.


Those who have purchased our products or will do so in the future.

Why our stakeholders are important to us

How we engage with stakeholders What matters to our stakeholders

We aim to deliver great service so that our customers feel valued and choose us as their ‘go-to’ supplier. To do this effectively we need to listen to and engage with them.

We develop relationships with our customers based on mutual trust and constructive dialogue.
We have a diverse customer base across the globe, which we serve directly, and also through joint venture partnerships and local suppliers.

We are seeing growing demand for advanced materials as customers push the boundaries of technology.

We have been working closely with our customers to develop new solutions for their next generation of products and processes.

We are providing products that are differentiated from those of our competitors.

The relationship with our customers starts from the moment they look to find out about our products. We keep customers updated on the progress of our innovation and new product applications through digital and physical channels.
Our sales and service colleagues also keep customers updated on the progress of manufacturing; sometimes working alongside the customer to fine-tune the product and production process.
We also gather key feedback from customers about the service we provide and use this to help improve relationships and secure future business.
  • Reliable and consistent service;
  • Quality products;
  • Product and process innovation;
  • Ability to solve complex problems;
  • Application engineering capabilities;
  • How we source our raw materials;
  • Environmental impact of the products we produce


Anyone directly employed by Morgan Advanced Materials.

Why our stakeholders are important to us

How we engage with stakeholders
What matters to our stakeholders

Having people who bring a diverse range of talents and perspectives, and who feel engaged in their role, is of paramount importance  to our long-term success.

Our employees have been instrumental in making Morgan Advanced Materials the company it is today. They are key to driving the brand forward and ensuring it remains relevant in the future.
We work to attract, develop and retain the right people and ensure they are in the right roles.

The Board is committed to fostering a safe, ethical and inclusive workplace and spends time engaging with a diverse cross-section of employees, as well as monitoring and assessing the Group’s culture. These insights help inform the Board’s discussions on health, safety and environmental matters, in monitoring progress in relation to embedding ethical conduct and implementation of the Morgan Code, and
in strengthening the capabilities of our leaders and teams.
At a local level, leadership teams use feedback from surveys, focus groups, pilot groups, manager one-to-one conversations and employee communications to shape engagement activities with employees.
At a Group level, we solicit feedback through our social media channels both internally and externally, and through employee satisfaction platforms such as Glassdoor.
At all levels we engage on subjects important to our people including: mental health at work, safety, the environment, developing a diverse and inclusive culture, and the important role of community and charity.

In 2022, we introduced three new employee resource groups (PRISM, Women@Morgan and Military@Morgan) to give voice to those who may feel underrepresented. These ERGs are a key tool in understand the needs of our people and help to shape thinking and policy changes.

  • Meaningful roles linked to our purpose;
  • Flexible working;
  • Focus on wellbeing;
  • Career development;
  • A diverse and inclusive culture.


Those from whom we purchase goods or services.

Why our stakeholders are important to us

How we engage with stakeholders
What matters to our stakeholders

We believe in an open and collaborative business approach and seek opportunities for innovation. This collaborative approach is particularly important to ensure a more sustainable supply chain.
We aim to use all our resources as efficiently as possible, minimising the environmental and social impact on ourselves, our suppliers, our customers and the world around us.

We treat our suppliers as an extension of our business and therefore expect them to uphold the same high standards we set for ourselves. To achieve this, we are in constant dialogue with our suppliers to address any issues and maintain productive relationships.

We publish a Supplier Code of Conduct which we expect our suppliers to sign up to and we have regular check points to ensure that this is adhered to.

  • Human rights;
  • Environmental and climate impact;
  • Quality management;
  • Cost efficiency;
  • Ethical trading policies and sustainable sourcing;
  • Developing long-term relationships.

Pensioners and Pension Trustees

Why our stakeholders are important to us

How we engage with stakeholders
What matters to our stakeholders

After more than 160 years in business, we would not be as strong as we are today without the combined efforts of all those who went before. By keeping our pension commitments, we honour the hard work and dedication of both current and past employees.

We engage with both current pensioners and those yet to retire through regular pension communications in conjunction with our pension trustees. New employees receive communications about our pension schemes in a bid to promote financial wellbeing.
  • The commitment of the Company to ensure the pension scheme is fully funded and any deficit reduction plan is maintained.


Those who live or operate in areas where we work – for example residents, businesses and charities.

Why our stakeholders are important to us

How we engage with stakeholders
What matters to our stakeholders

Our people live and work within wider communities and relationships with these communities are key in supporting our business for the future.

Our relationship with local communities is mutually beneficial, offering us the ideal place to find the talent of tomorrow, while enabling our people to get involved in activities which directly benefit these communities.

We seek to build trust by understanding the issues core to our communities, operating responsibly and addressing concerns that are material to them.

We aim to create long-term relationships with the communities in which we operate, that drive positive change and help build a more sustainable future.

Our aim is to have a positive impact on the communities we serve, from supporting job creation and skills advancement, to reducing energy and water consumption at our plants. All our efforts and engagements are governed by the Morgan Code, our purpose and our policies on the environment.

As our sites and operations are spread across the globe, we have the opportunity to work with many communities. We pride ourselves on engaging at a local level and look to understand each community’s priorities and concerns. We also support our employees’ involvement in their local community, from charity giving to local fundraising, and from volunteering to health and wellbeing initiatives.

  • Our commitment to the local environment;
  • Our conduct as a socially responsible organisation;
  • The positive impact we can have on the community living and working around us;
  • Employment opportunities.