Financial Highlights

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2020 Highlights

Headline performance:

  • Revenue: £910.7m
  • Group headline operating profit1: £91.7m
  • Headline EPS1: 19.0p
  • Total dividend per share: 5.5p

Statutory basis:

  • Operating (loss)/profit3: (£1.8)m
  • (Loss)/profit before tax3: (£13.1)m
  • Continuing EPS2: (8.6)p
  • Continuing and discontinued EPS2: (7.9)p

Health and Safety

  • Lost time accident rate (per 100,000 hours worked): 0.18
1. Definitions of these non-GAAP measures can be found in the glossary of terms on page 44, reconciliations of the statutory results to the adjusted measures can be found on pages 12 to 16. Throughout this report these non-GAAP measures are clearly identified by an asterisk (*) where they appear in text.
2. EPS is presented on a ‘continuing’ and a combined ‘continuing and discontinued’ basis for statutory reporting. Further details are provided in note 8 to the consolidated financial statements.
3. The statutory loss principally arises as a result of the impairment of assets of £65.6 million and charge for restructuring costs of £24.0 million recorded within specific adjusting items – see page 8 for further details.

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*Half year reports were produced until 2014