Morgan Advanced Materials

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Innovation is at the heart of our business

Whether we are innovating in our faster growing market segments, or supporting the changing requirements through our energy saving solutions for more traditional industries, our materials innovations enable rapid change.

Our deep expertise in carbon and ceramics is maintained and strengthened through our ongoing process of research and development. Each business has a clear strategy and a technology roadmap, and we invest in application testing to inform our technology and product development, resulting in many bespoke solutions.

With more than 400 scientists and engineers across the Group, our people are busy developing new materials and applications. Our deep expertise in carbon and ceramics is maintained and strengthened through our ongoing process of research and development, centred around our four global Centres of Excellence. As a business, we continue to invest approximately £30 million each year in R&D, furthering our materials science knowledge and solutions expertise.

Innovation in materials, products and services enables rapid change for our customers. We are innovating in our core markets to support customers’ transition to more sustainable products and solutions and increasing our exposure to our faster growing markets: semiconductors, healthcare, clean energy and clean transportation.

Our core markets:

  • In aerospace our innovative materials are enabling higher efficiency engines, ultimately reducing carbon emissions efficiency engines, ultimately reducing carbon emissions.
  • In high-temperature industrial processes our material solutions are producing more energy efficient process for our customers.

In our growth markets we are:

  • Increasing the lifetime and performance of solar, wind and energy storage, providing much-needed clean energy
  • Creating best-in-class materials and miniaturisation technology, helping the healthcare industry make huge leaps forward
  • Developing higher performance materials for the most demanding process steps in the semiconductor market
  • Providing superior materials which support the longer lifetime of products in the clean transportation field.

Our products help our customers to be more efficient – to use less energy in their manufacturing process or in their product, and to generate less CO2.