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Morgan office employee in New Bedford, USA (2023)

Morgan people

Our people are strong leaders

Meet Abirami, our HR Manager. She has shared with us what it is like to be a female leader here at Morgan; from the challenges to the wins.

She says that being able to strike a balance between being empathetic and pushing people for more so they can realise their potential is difficult to get right at times. As well as this, she finds that encouraging other leaders to incorporate physical and mental wellbeing of their employees within their strategy can be a challenge.

Her advice for making sure her team is motivated and focused is to “Ensure everyone is mentored and coached well. Everyone is a leader by themselves; some show more of it and some show less of it, you just need to uncover potential.”

Our people build an inclusive culture

Our people are building a caring culture, cultivating a sense of belonging at Morgan. At our New Bedford site, the team have a dedicated ‘Employee Engagement Committee’, focused solely on bringing their people together.

The team are helping to spread awareness, and educate their people on ways  to be better allies in their local community. One way they did this was by recognising Pride Month across their site. They assigned each department across the site a colour of the rainbow to wear in solidarity with the LGBTQIA+ community, a great activity to visually raise awareness and start a conversation on different sexualities & identities.

Emily Nash, a member of the New Bedford team has commented; “the most important things to note for content creation is getting as many employees involved - front office workers, production workers, and even SMT. We all bring such a different perspective which helps create thoughtful, exciting, and engaging events”.

Thank you to the team for keeping your people at the heart of what you do

Our people celebrate their wins

Our Thermal Ceramics team recently held their annual 'Middle East Cluster Awards'; aimed at recognising colleagues, who have been nominated by their peers, for the excellent contribution to their business. The award aides in building a positive culture & togetherness within teams.

This year three winners (and three very worthy runners up) were chosen in the following categories:

  • Innovator
  • Super Saver
  • Extra Miler

Each of those awarded received an engraved award and gift, with this year made even more special through an exclusive dinner arranged with the EMEA MD too!

This is just one great example of rewarding those who help us to succeed at Morgan .

Our people inspire us

Our people are passionate about learning and developing, and Busi is no exception.

Based at our Johannesburg site, Busi has been a member of our Morgan family since 2016. Originally joining us as a temporary catering employee, alongside her canteen manager Mother, Busi has grown her role at Morgan in her years and has decided to pursue her engineering passion with her recent enrolment on an Engineering Apprenticeship.

Busi’s four-year programme, which involves several months a year of training in a local technical college, will enable her to be able to explore and travel.

Busi’s interest in engineering was sparked whilst working alongside her Mother on site, with her curiosity leading her to apply for the engineering role and ultimately becoming the catalyst in putting herself forward for the apprenticeship programme, when the opportunity arose. She has now completed Phase 2 and is working to complete Phase 3 and 4!

Her advice is to anyone thinking about an apprenticeship is “to just go for it and enjoy what you do. Do not let other people’s opinions influence your future”.

We love to see our people driving forward to develop and reach their goals, what an inspiration!

Our people are committed to safety

The commitment to safety by our people is crucial on our journey to achieve 'zero harm'.

Our Kempten senior management team completed their new 'TAKE 5' training. As part of the training, the team completed an 'escape game', with a scenario of unsafe practices set up on-site. The group worked together to identify the safety risks and implement the correct measures to address each risk quickly and safely. The 'escape game' was a success and will become a fixed element of all the site's leadership 'TAKE 5' training going forward; showing the value of practical, hands-on-learning.

No actions are too small in keeping our people safe. Here are a few of the changes our sites have implemented to keep their people safe and work towards 'zero harm' across Morgan:

  • In Shanghai, China, many of our people commute to work by e-bike. In order to improve the visibility of our people on the road, each employee has been given a fluorescent armband and reflective strip to attach to the their e-bike.
  • At our Thouarcé site, France, the team have completed their thinkSAFE refresh training, resulting in an increase in near-miss reporting of approximately 25%. This shows the focus that the team members are placing on spotting and reporting hazards.
  • In Suzhou, China, the team have been focused on keeping safe in very hot temperatures. From providing cooling foods and drinks, to heatstroke first aid, the team are focused on keeping people cool and healthy.

Thank you to all the teams across our Morgan who thinkSAFE and 'TAKE 5' for safety.

Our people live and breathe our ThinkSAFE commitments

Today we’re throwing the spotlight on Manufacturing Supervisor Glen, who is based at our St Marys, USA site, and a member of our Morgan family for over 27 years. Throughout this time Glen has demonstrated a passion and commitment for safety.

Over the years Glen has faced numerous safety challenges, and he believes that it is important to share his experiences with others to help them appreciate that safety incidents can happen to anyone, at any time. For Glen it is crucial to make time for safety and make it your number one priority.

“Ensure that you speak to each individual member of your team each day about safety. Whilst I try to get the team together at the beginning of each shift to share information and discuss concerns, this is not always possible for everyone. Rather than missing those people out, I seek out each missing person and speak with them 1 to 1, to ensure they have the same critical information as the rest of my team, and also a platform to raise their own individual concerns too.

I don't find time [for safety], I make time, because it's important to me. Safety is the number one priority; our people need to be safe in their work to enable them to return home to their loved ones after a shift. Safety is my first thought during my working day, before the team get started on their tasks it is the primary consideration.”

Glen and his colleagues are busy implementing additional safety measures to ensure employees are always as safe as possible.