Morgan Advanced Materials

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Being responsible

We believe that being a responsible business matters.

It helps us to achieve our purpose and contribute positively to society, while balancing the protection of our environment. We estimate that around 60% of our products make a positive contribution, making the world more sustainable and improving the quality of life.

We are also proud that through their life, our products typically save tens or hundreds of times the CO2 emitted during manufacture, allowing our customers to lessen the impact of climate change. We are committed to a more sustainable future and this is why in 2021 we set stretching targets across a number of environmental, social and governance (ESG) areas.

ESG at Morgan


Our aim is to ensure that our products and manufacturing processes are designed, built and managed in a way that enhances their value to society and our environment.


Our people contribute to the culture and are the driving force behind our success. In return, we aim to be a caring organisation where everyone feels valued and appreciated. Our key principle is that ‘it is not just what you do, but how you do it’ that is important. This ethos affects how we treat our people, how we support the communities we work in and how we engage our stakeholders


We view good governance as crucial to business success, and conducting and managing our activities in a responsible manner has always been an important part of our strategy. We are fulfilling our responsibilities to our stakeholders and seek continuous improvement in the standards of governance that apply across all of our businesses.