Morgan Advanced Materials

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Technical Ceramics

Our Technical Ceramics segment employs advanced materials science and applications expertise to produce parts that enhance reliability or improve the performance of its customers’ products.

Much of what the global business unit makes is used in demanding, harsh or critical environments. Our Technical Ceramics business works in selected segments of the electronics, energy, healthcare, industrial, petrochemicals, security and transport markets, typically in close collaborative customer relationships.

Our product range includes:

  • Components from our specialist alumina formulations
  • Ceramic cores
  • Wax injection products
  • Ceramic injection moulded products
  • Ceramic to metal assemblies include brazed/metallised assemblies
  • Extruded products
  • Laser products
  • Mass spectrometry components
  • Semiconductor products
  • Zirconia products
  • Haldenwanger® range (tubes, laboratory porcelain, kiln furniture)

Morgan's Technical Ceramics business also recently established a dedicated Chemical Vapour Deposition – Silicon Carbide (CVD-SiC) manufacturing site in in Daegu, South Korea. The facility will enable Morgan to meet local and global demand for CVD-SiC materials, with a specific focus on supporting the growth of the semiconductor manufacturing industry.

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Braze Alloys

Our Technical Ceramics business also manufactures brazed assemblies to meet customers’ specific requirements. Many of the parts we make are complex, engineered to tight specifications or destined for particularly demanding critical applications. We also offer advanced materials for customers’ own brazing needs, and pre-sintered preforms for reliable repair of critical parts in applications such as aero-engines, gas turbines and high-pressure systems.

Our main markets are specialist applications within the aero-engine, automotive, electronic, semiconductor, industrial and medical sectors. Our core strength is our ability to get to grips with individual customer problems, apply the science and engineer high performance brazing solutions.

Our product range includes:

  • Precious and non-precious braze alloys
  • MRO Products (PSPs)
  • Braze inhibitor (Stopyt®)
  • Ultinex® Brazing Services

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