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Dividend Payments

Shareholders can sign up with our registrar to receive their dividend payments direct into their bank account by using the following link:

(This is an external site and the link will open a new window)

If you have not previously registered for the Equiniti share portfolio, you will need your shareholder reference number.

Alternatively shareholders can contact our registrar to obtain a Dividend Instruction Form, or click here to manage their dividend payments.

Dividend History

The interim and final dividend payments on the Company’s Ordinary shares from 2005 onwards are set out below.

Description Div for Period Ex Dividend Record Date Payment Date
Final 2023 6.7p 25-April-24 26-April-24 17-May-24
Interim 2023 5.3p 26-Oct-23 27-Oct-23 17-Nov-23
Final 2022 6.7p 08-Jun-23 09-Jun-23 03-Jul-23
Interim 2022 5.3p 27-Oct-22 28-Oct-22 18-Nov-22
Final 2021 5.9p 28-Apr-22 29-Apr-22 20-May-22
Interim 2021 3.2p 28-Oct-21 29-Oct-21 19-Nov-21
Final 2020 3.5p 29-Apr-21 30-Apr-21 21-May-21
Interim 2020 2.0p 19-Nov-20 06-Nov-20 11-Dec-20
Interim 2019 4.0p 31-Oct-19 01-Nov-19 22-Nov-19
Final 2018 7.0p 02-May-19 03-May-19 24-May-19
Interim 2018 4.0p 01-Nov-18 02-Nov-18 23-Nov-18
Final 2017 7.0p 03-May-18 04-May-18 25-May-18
Interim 2017 4.0p 02-Nov-17 03-Nov-17 24-Nov-17
Final 2016 7.0p 04-May-17 05-May-17 26-May-17
Interim 2016 4.0p 03-Nov-16 04-Nov-16 25-Nov-16
Final 2015 7.0p 05-May-16 06-May-16 27-May-16
Interim 2015 4.0p 05-Nov-15 06-Nov-15 27-Nov-15
Final 2014 7.0p 07-May-15 08-May-15 29-May-15
Interim 2014 3.9p 06-Nov-14 07-Nov-14 28-Nov-14
Final 2013 6.7p 14-May-14 16-May-14 30-May-14
Interim 2013 3.8p 23-Oct-13 25-Oct-13 29-Nov-13
Final 2012 6.4p 17-Apr-13 19-Apr-13 31-May-13
Interim 2012 3.6p 21-Nov-12 23-Nov-12 10-Jan-13
Final 2011 6.0p 23-May-12 25-May-12 06-Jul-12
Interim 2011 3.25p 23-Nov-11 25-Nov-11 12-Jan-12
Final 2010 5.0p 18-May-11 20-May-11 08-Jul-11
Interim 2010 2.7p 01-Dec-10 03-Dec-10 12-Jan-11
Final 2009 4.5p 19-May-10 21-May-10 09-Jul-10
Interim 2009 2.5p 02-Dec-09 04-Dec-09 12-Jan-10
Final 2008 4.5p 03-Jun-09 05-Jun-09 10-Jul-09
Interim 2008 2.5p 01-Oct-08 03-Oct-08 07-Nov-08
Final 2007 4.5p 28-May-08 30-May-08 30-Jun-08
Interim 2007 2.25p 26-Sep-07 28-Sep-07 07-Nov-07
Final 2006 3.0p 30-May-07 01-Jun-07 06-Jul-07
Interim 2006 1.5p 29-Nov-06 01-Dec-06 08-Jan-07
Final 2005 2.5p 31-May-06 02-Jun-06 06-Jul-06
Interim 2005 Nil N/A N/A N/A

Updated 9 May 2024

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