Morgan Advanced Materials

Human rights

As an international business, the Group supports the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the Group’s Human Rights Policy applies to all our businesses worldwide. The Policy, covers child labour, forced labour, health and safety, freedom of association, discrimination, discipline, working hours and compensation.

The Group HR Director reports to the Chief Executive Officer and is responsible for the development of the Human Rights Policy and related matters, with the presidents of each region having responsibility for policy implementation within their respective businesses.

Human rights policy 

Morgan Advanced Materials' Human Rights Policy applies to all our businesses worldwide.

The Policy is regularly reviewed.

Modern slavery statement

The Group’s Modern Slavery Statement.

Human rights training 

The Group’s ethics and compliance programme covers Human Rights. The programme includes the direct training of general managers and compliance officers who are responsible for cascading the training through their respective parts of the business.

Human Rights compliance 

The Morgan Advanced Materials ethics hotline enables employees who are aware of or suspect issues under our Human Rights Policy to report these confidentially. Compliance with this policy also forms part of the remit of Group internal audit.


We welcome feedback on our human rights-related policies, systems, performance, reports and communications. Please contact us by email on or by post to our head office address.