Morgan Advanced Materials

Board committees and terms of reference

The Board is supported in its functions by the committees listed below.

For the most recent reported year, committee memberships, meeting attendance and the report for each committee is set out in the corporate governance section of our annual report.

Executive committee

The Board is supported by the executive committee which consists of the executive directors and certain senior members of staff. The executive committee chair is Pete Raby, Chief Executive Officer.

Audit committee

The audit committee assists the Board in effectively discharging its responsibilities for financial reporting and corporate control.

The audit committee consists of independent non-executive directors, Jane Aikman (audit committee chair), Laurence Mulliez, Helen Bunch and Clement Woon.

Nomination committee

The nomination committee leads the process for Board appointments and makes recommendations to the Board on the appointment of new directors.

A majority of the members of the nomination committee are independent non-executive directors. Ian Marchant (nomination committee chair), Laurence Mulliez, Jane Aikman, Helen Bunch and Clement Woon are the current members of the nomination committee.

Remuneration committee

The remuneration committee is responsible for developing Group policy on executive remuneration and for determining, on behalf of the Board, specific remuneration packages for the executive directors and the Board Chair.

Helen Bunch (remuneration committee chair), Jane Aikman, Ian Marchant, Laurence Mulliez and Clement Woon are the current members of the remuneration committee.