Morgan Advanced Materials

Health and safety

We are working towards our aspiration of ‘zero harm’ to all our employees. We are committed to conducting all our activities in a manner that builds a caring safety culture and develops a world-class safety system that supports this effort.

By 2030, we aim to accomplish the following objectives:

  • First, we aspire to prevent any occurrence of injuries or illnesses by promoting a culture of care. Our approach involves designing equipment and processes that eliminate or control potential risks. In situations where engineering solutions are not feasible, we continually assess and implement standards to safeguard people from hazards.
  • Second, we prioritise the elimination of risks that could result in serious injury. We aim to eradicate all cases of employee and contractor injuries and occupational illnesses not only at work but encourage the same best practices at home.

To achieve our ambitious safety objective of zero accidents and injuries, the involvement of every individual affiliated with Morgan - employees, contractors, and visitors - is crucial. Our employees play a pivotal role in influencing health and safety processes and protocols by providing valuable input through various channels, such as safety teams and committees, site communication meetings, pre-shift meetings, and training sessions. Morgan proactively identifies and mitigates hazards through a corrective/preventive action process. Our approach to health and safety employs several tools, such as machine-specific risk assessments, 'TAKE 5' assessments, root-cause incident investigations, permit to work processes, and Don't Walk By Hazard (DWB) and Good Practice Reporting.

Policy and framework

Our Health and Safety Policy provides all our locations with minimum standards, advice and guidance. Our minimum standard is based on current requirements from the UK and US legislative codes and associated best practice. If a local in-country standard is higher than these, the sites are required to achieve the local standard.

The compliance audit programme is conducted against the health and safety framework, systems and KPIs, with a focus on high-risk items. All our manufacturing facilities are reviewed on a four-year rolling cycle.

Governance of Policy is achieved through performance monitoring and the management and mitigation of identified risks, to drive continuous improvement in our health and safety performance.

We are committed to providing effective leadership in pursuit of a safe and healthy workplace. The Chief Executive Officer, global business unit leadership teams and site management teams are responsible and accountable for health and safety performance. The Group’s Health and Safety Director is responsible for Group direction and the oversight of the Group’s strategic programmes. There are health and safety leaders and resources in each of the global business units and their locations.

Our Group-level processes include a monthly review of performance and progress in the implementation of our improvement plans by the Executive Committee, and regular reviews of performance by the Board.

Our safety performance in 2022

Our key metric, the lost-time accident (LTA) rate (namely, the number of LTAs per 100,000 hours worked) increased to 0.28 (2021: 0.22); a worsening of our accident performance, in part reflecting a larger number of new employees in the business as we ramped volumes up. While Morgan has maintained a long-standing commitment to safety, we acknowledge that there is still progress to be made as we strive to meet our 2030 targets.

In 2022, we focused on increasing the use of our Don’t Walk By (DWB) Hazard identification and Good Practice reporting platform, resulting in over 30,000 submissions and a corrective action closure rate of 95%. We also focused on our thinkSAFE commitments by rolling out a 10-hr workshop to all levels of the organisation and reinforced these commitments through on-going quarterly cultural training sessions. In collaboration with our global business unit EHS senior leaders and our Group EHSS team we developed a detailed strategy and plan for 2023 to include a strong focus on our 'TAKE 5' commitment.

We obtained insights of how our people feel about Morgan and completed a ‘Your Voice’ survey in 2022. The Health and Safety category within the survey scored the highest across the organisation where workplace safety, security and environment are considered important at Morgan, and if an employee identified a safety issue, they know their manager will act on it. This shows encouraging progress towards the caring culture we aspire to achieve.

Our efforts to achieve zero harm by enhancing safety rely heavily on data. By analysing historical and current data, as well as key performance indicators, our safety teams gain valuable insights into performance and trends, which help them take prompt action. To this end, in 2022, we made a significant investment in a new EHS management system software platform, and we have been working with the vendor to develop the safety-specific modules which will be rolled out in 2023.

Moving forward, we will use the data insights from this new tool to focus on serious injury incidents, with a cross-business review of learnings to facilitate global action deployment. We plan to include safety dashboards and expand our database usage to monitor corrective action efforts. Besides injury numbers, the data we gather will enable us to track other critical information, such as the frequency of significant near-misses and employee absences due to injury, providing us with a real-time safety snapshot. By collecting and analysing monthly data, local leadership can observe any changes in risk levels and take prompt action to mitigate them before incidents occur.

Based on the data, we will frequently review and update our metrics. We will utilise incident reporting to generate insights through data mining, statistical analysis, corrective action tracking, and other methods to reinforce Morgan’s safety standards. We have already taken several leading indicator measures and plan to implement further initiatives in that direction.

ThinkSAFE workshops
At Morgan, our goal is 'zero harm', and as an organisation we work towards this goal with the use of our behavioural safety programme - thinkSAFE. The thinkSAFE programme consists of five key areas:

  • We care for our colleagues, contractors and customers and we consider the impact of our decisions on them
  • We must be trained for the work that we do, and we always follow the safety rules
  • We 'TAKE 5' for safety before starting a task and STOP when there is danger
  • We Don’t Walk By hazards or unsafe behaviours, and we report the safety problems we identify
  • We challenge positively when someone is in danger and we respect the person who challenges us

We provide thinkSAFE workshops for our employees, facilitated by our thinkSAFE ambassadors, who are trained employees from various departments, not just those in EHS. Through these workshops, attendees gain knowledge about the principles of the thinkSAFE Commitments and how to apply them in their everyday work and personal lives. To date, over 9,000 individuals, constituting 95% of our workforce, have participated in the workshops. The sessions are conducted over multiple meetings at our facilities and typically take 8-10 hours to complete. The thinkSAFE programme has significantly contributed to the development of a positive safety culture within Morgan, and it will continue to do so as we evolve the programme over time. The thinkSAFE workshops are not one-way presentations, but interactive discussions among cross-functional groups, where ideas and insights are shared, and improvements are implemented across all our sites.

Quarterly topics
The thinkSAFE programme is part of the way we work at Morgan . Employees attend thinkSAFE workshops and take what they have learned into their workplaces. However, we do not rely entirely on this training to embed a positive safety culture. There are many tools, within the programme, such as quarterly topics that we use to further develop and support our safety culture. Quarterly topics are provided in the format of PowerPoint presentations developed by the Group EHS&S team, provided with facilitator notes and videos. Quarterly topics have at times focused on the Commitments, for example 'TAKE 5', Don’t Walk-By and Challenging Positively. We provide the presentations in 16 languages, which are delivered by supervisors, thinkSAFE ambassadors, or other key personnel at our sites. The quarterly topics enable us to concentrate on a specific thinkSAFE Commitments in more detail, and they encourage us to prioritise safety through sustaining the conversation. These sessions are intended to stimulate discussion, foster communication, and gain a better understanding of the challenges faced by our teams. We are consistently reinforcing and actively discussing the thinkSAFE programme.