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Morgan and Penn State University collaboration to advance Silicon Carbide innovation

Morgan Advanced Materials and Penn State University have signed a new five-year Memorandum of Understanding, to further enhance their partnership. The agreement is focused on research and development in silicon carbide (SiC) crystal growth, for the wide band gap semiconductors fast growing sector.

With this agreement, Morgan has pledged to become a founding member of the recently launched Silicon Carbide Innovation Alliance (SCIA) and to supply our graphite materials and solutions to the new SiC crystal growth facility for use by internal and external partners.


“We are very excited to have Morgan as a founding member in the initiative, partnerships like this will maximize our impact in next generation SiC crystal research and workforce development.”
Joshua Robinson, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and acting Associate Dean for Research in the College of Earth and Minerals Sciences, Penn State


What is Silicon Carbide (SiC)?

Silicon Carbide is a wide bandgap semiconductor, that is currently contributing to a transformation of power electronics developments across the globe. Recognised for its outstanding combination of physical and electronic properties, SiC enables superior performance in a wide range of high voltage applications; such as high-speed charging stations and power converters in electric vehicles.

Our customers are using SiC to help make the world go greener, faster.

While Silicon Carbide occurs naturally in very small quantities (as an extremely rare mineral), virtually all the silicon carbide sold in the world is synthetic. Growing SiC crystals is difficult and requires a highly stable environment.

Morgan’s graphite solutions are recognised in the market for helping to keep a highly stable temperature and chemical condition during the process. As global demand for SiC continues to increase, the industry is actively seeking ways to improve the manufacturing process and develop a skilled workforce along the value chain; this is where Morgan’s materials science knowledge and applications experiences comes in.

Did you know?

While rare on earth, silicon carbide is remarkably common in space. It is a common form of stardust found around carbon-rich stars.

What is the Silicon Carbide Innovation Alliance (SCIA)?

The Silicon Carbide Innovation Alliance (SCIA) is a coalition of industry leaders, academic institutions and government support with a focus on becoming a central hub for research, development and workforce training in SiC semiconductor technologies. The flagship of the alliance will be the new ‘onsemi silicon carbide centre (SiC3)’ at Penn State University, which is expected to be fully operational by the beginning of 2025. It will house a pilot-scale facility that will include two Physical Vapour Transport (PVT) furnaces and will emulate the entire SiC semiconductor value chain.

A key investment

To support our focus on the customer, we are joining the alliance (along with many of our leading customers) in order to further innovate. The centre will have a number of furnaces at full scale, allowing us to test our applications in the very they have been designed for. We will be applying our expertise in materials science to further develop this process right on the doorstep of our Carbon Centre of Excellence.


“The new agreement with Penn State seamlessly aligns our goal of establishing Morgan as a key player in the silicon carbide semiconductor market – we are not only advancing our own graphite competencies but also contributing to the development of high-value products in the market”
Thomas Connolly, Global Technology Director, Morgan

Morgan’s history with Penn State University

We have been innovating and manufacturing carbon and graphite-based materials essential for growing silicon carbide crystals since the 1990s. Morgan established a Carbon Centre of Excellence in Innovation Park in 2018 that has fostered several collaborations with Penn State researchers.

Wendy Pryce Lewis, Andy Goshe, Fernando Vallejos Burgos, Joe Abrahamson and Thomas Connolly attend the official signing ceremony at Penn State University.