Morgan Advanced Materials

Sustainable action a key focus at Morgan Advanced Materials

We are focused on using advanced materials to make the world more sustainable, and to improve the quality of life. It is our responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment, for our customers, our people and for the wider society.

Our environmental goals guide our path on achieving a more sustainable world, but the credit goes to our people who make a real difference.

Environmental wins at Morgan

The actions of our people help us to move the needle on our environmental goals at Morgan. In 2024 so far, our people got stuck in by:

Brazil: community action

Our people worked with the city council to improve a local park; they spent time pruning trees, cleaning the square, planting grass and revitalising benches and flowerbeds.


“Restoring and improving a community park helps spread the benefit to the entire community and has health and environmental impact as well.” Andy Karve – President MMS

Daegu, China: waste action

Our colleagues in China got to together to reduce waste, by bringing items they no longer used to a Morgan flea market; selling and swapping items from home. 90% of the items brought in were sold, with profits being donated to the local environmental association.

“What an amazing initiative. Not only will it reduce landfill it brings to life the phrase ‘one person’s rubbish is another person’s gold.” Maria Antoniou – Group HR Director

St Marys, USA: environment action

Our team at St Marys sent their green fingered employees home with seed kits and biodegradable starter pots; aiming to encourage our wider Morgan family to grow both food and plants at home.

“The seed tray project sponsors environmental/sustainability changes to employees lives outside of the work environment.” Paul Boulton – Group General Council

Not only did our teams take time to engage in their local communities, they have also made great progress towards the stretching environmental targets that we are working hard to reach.

Environmental progress: energy

Our plant in South Africa installed an on-site solar array, generating nearly 1600MWh of green electricity last year.

Environmental progress: water 

Our Fostoria, US, team installed a water cooling system on their high temperature furnace, aiming to save 7.5 million gallons of water per year.

Environmental progress: energy

In Kempten, Germany, the team switched from a gas fired to an electric furnace; resulting in no emissions at the site who are on a renewable energy contract.

Together we can make a big positive difference

We’re proud of the actions of our people as we strive for a more sustainable future. As the world tackles climate change and demand increases, we recognise our role in protecting the world’s precious resources.


Find out more on our approach to sustainability at Morgan here and follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook to see more of the actions of our people are taking to make a big positive difference.