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Morgan Advanced Materials announces commercial start-up of 50+% Yixing factory expansion

Morgan Advanced Materials, one of the world’s largest advanced ceramics and carbon materials manufacturers, announced the commercial start-up of the expansion of its Yixing plant.

The Yixing plant manufactures TJM® Insulating Firebricks (IFBs). With an additional capacity of more than 50%, it will continue to enable the capacity expansion and maintenance needs of Morgan’s customers in China and Asia in petrochemicals, iron & steel, aluminium and cathode materials. The new line produces the full family of TJM IFBs, including speciality TJM Bubble Alumina bricks.

“The expansion of Yixing IFB site was designed as a model for energy efficiency in refractory production. Along with automation and enhanced digital controls, our commitment to reducing CO2 emissions in our manufacturing process is central to our business and investments,” commented Bob Yin, General Manager of Yixing Morgan Thermal Ceramics.

Tara Yin, Managing Director China, said, “This expansion is a significant achievement in advancing our thermal management solutions portfolio in China. Our customers rely on our advanced IFBs to meet their capacity expansion goals and CO2 emission reduction targets, making this expansion a critical step towards achieving sustainable growth in the Chinese market.”

IFBs are refractory insulation that withstands high temperatures with low thermal conductivity, primarily used in hot face linings and backup insulation of high-temperature industrial heat processing equipment. 

With IFB manufacturing plants in Italy and the US, Morgan brings a more comprehensive global footprint to the IFB portfolio, delivering quality products and services to international, regional, and local customers.

About Morgan Advanced Materials

Morgan Advanced Materials is a business rich in history and innovation. Founded in the UK in 1856, we have grown into a global organisation with 70 sites in 18 countries. Our model to serve our customers where they need us has led to a diversified product range using our unparalleled ceramic and carbon materials expertise, which we exploit to solve complex problems for our customers across diverse markets.

We are a purpose-driven organisation. Our purpose is to use advanced materials to make the world more sustainable and to improve the quality of life. We deliver on that purpose through the products that we make and the way that we make them.

We help our customers push the limits of their processes and products to meet their demanding requirements, from higher process temperatures to higher product performance to increasing miniaturisation.