Advanced Semiconductors

At Morgan we’re focused on using our advanced materials to improve the quality of life. In an ever-changing digital world, semiconductors are at the heart of revolutionising the way we connect, which is why we're proud to partner with this industry.

We manufacture components that help the semiconductor & electronics industry in its drive towards higher performance and reliability in smaller, more efficient, more robust products.

The complexity of semiconductor devices is increasing, driven by many of the megatrends around us:

  • Smarter and cleaner vehicles
  • Innovations in artificial intelligence and digitisation
  • Growing wireless technologies
  • The transition to clean energy
  • Semiconductors play a big role in the transition to renewables.

Where we fit in

At Morgan, we make advanced material components that are consumables in semiconductor processing for two sub segments of this market:

  1. Our materials are essential during Silicon Chip Fabrication. Our products are leading, best in class carbon, graphite and ceramic based components used during the manufacturing of chips that our customers need to be successful. 
  2. Our products optimise the manufacture of silicon carbide semiconductor material. Silicon carbide is a new compound semiconductor being adopted in power devices, given its superior performance. Our customers are the leading innovators in silicon carbide material production, and our products have become a key enabler to them to unlock the scalability of this material. 

Our broad materials portfolio and process technology in carbon, graphite, and ceramics, allows us to solve key challenges that our customers are facing, as they move to more complex process manufacturing in the silicon space, and develop new solutions using silicon carbide in power devices.

  • We distinguish ourselves from the competition through the combination of materials science and application engineering that we provide customers
  • We truly are design partners for our customers as we translate their needs into bespoke product solutions
  • Our solutions, installed in fabrication plants all over the world, are enabling semiconductor manufacturers to maximise yield, optimise their processes, and reduce their overall costs
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