Morgan's Purpose

Our purpose is to use advanced materials to make the world more sustainable, and to improve the quality of life.

We deliver on our purpose through the products that we make and the way that we make them. In line with our purpose:

  • We improve the quality of life by supporting medical diagnostics with our power tubes in medical scanners. Our Vacuum Insulation Panels are used to insulate COVID-19 vaccines as they are transported. Our feedthroughs are at the core of cochlear implants and our seals are used in blood pumps. These products transform people’s lives;
  • Our products help keep people safe. We are proud to design fire protection in everything from cars to tunnels, and ships to oil platforms;
  • We design and manufacture our products to help customers save energy;
  • Our carbon brushes are integral to wind turbines and power generators and enable electrified rail transport, our ceramic rollers are used to make thin-film solar panels, our insulation is used in solar towers and steam turbines, and our ceramic cores are used to make more efficient industrial gas turbines. These are all products which promote a more sustainable and environmentally secure future for our planet.