Building distinctive competencies

We are a global advanced manufacturing organisation with leading capabilities in three areas: materials science, application engineering and customer focus.

We have a strategy to make sure that we are the leaders in our field, with the customer and materials insight to apply our capabilities quickly and effectively.

Our strategy builds on our strengths and focuses the Group on scalable businesses in attractive markets, and on the development of our three core capabilities. To support our efforts in bringing together the parts of our strategy and to achieve our environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals we have three execution priorities:

  • Big positive difference
  • Delight the customer
  • Innovate to grow

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Our strategy in action

Our success comes from aligning everything we do to focus on the customer, and one of the ways we aim to 'delight a customer' is by incremental improvements to our product offering.

Through continuous improvement efforts in 2021 we delivered savings in time, energy and labour across the business. Examples of this include:

  • Halving the production lead times for spot maintenance spare parts; 
  • Creating a ‘daily group accountability’ (DGA) process to ensure focus on safety, quality, delivery, inventory and productivity; 
  • Improving our saw blade replacement process, enabling a 40% work time reduction; and 
  • Implementing our new fully virtual sales effectiveness training, which allows us to deliver insights in more languages, ensuring that our people are better equipped to focus on our customers.