The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals aim to overcome global challenges such as inequality and climate change, and present the opportunity to put the world on a more sustainable path.

At Morgan our purpose is to use advanced materials to help make more efficient use of the world’s resources and improve the quality of life. The way we fulfil our purpose and operate our business contribute directly to six of these goals.

UN Sustainable Development Goals 7, 9 and 11

We supply products that support innovation and advancement across our end market sectors

  • We help our customers manage heat, reducing their energy usage
  • We enable greener electricity generation
  • We enable electrification for cleaner public transport
  • We help to keep people safe through fire protection and safer medical devices
  • We enable the digital world, and all the benefits to the environment and health that brings

UN Sustainable Development Goal 12

We have clear waste, water and energy reduction targets and programmes. Our greenhouse gas emission reduction programmes help support our continuing effort to improve the efficiency of our processes at our manufacturing sites.

UN Sustainable Development Goal 3

We maintain health and wellbeing programmes for all our employees such as “Better You, Better Life” and provide healthcare for our employees and their families, ensuring healthy lives and well-being at all ages.

UN Sustainable Development Goal 8

We promote an inclusive and safe working culture and environment for all our employees.

We are committed to making better use of the world's resources

material recycling up to 57%


Our Better You, Better Life Initiative

Meet Alfie. Alfie reports to Mel, our Group Communications Director, four days a week and they have a recurring ‘walking’ meeting. Alfie benefits because his owner can’t get out much anymore. Mel benefits as she can’t have her own dog where she lives.

Through our Better You, Better Life programme. we aim to share positive actions we can all take to improve our wellbeing and mental health.