2022 Health and Safety Priorities

In 2022, we are continuing to focus on safety and we have developed a two-pronged approach to creating a ‘zero harm’ business.

'thinkSAFE' - developing our culture

The caring culture we are aiming for is underpinned by our ‘thinkSAFE’ commitments. We are working through the roll out of commitment workshops to bring these commitments to life for all our employees throughout 2022. 

We have developed an additional workshop, specific to leaders, outlining the mindset, skillset and toolset we require of our leaders to maintain momentum on our cultural journey. This will be rolled out in 2022. 

New activities including a cultural survey, refreshed quarterly topics, and monthly scenarios, will be delivered throughout 2022. These activities align and empower our people so that they live and breathe the ‘thinkSAFE’ commitments, every time, all of the time.

Systems - robust process safety

We aim to develop our EHS system further with a focus on robust implementation. We will work collaboratively across all business units to improve our processes and enable a longer-lasting impact at all our sites. 

Hazard profiles documented in 2021 provide site-specific focus areas, which allow for targeted improvement at each site. The profiles will be used to devise site improvements plans in 2022.