Diversity and Inclusion

At Morgan we are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive culture where everyone can be their authentic self at work. We are clear that it is our people who are the driving force behind our success, so in return for their dedication, we aim to be open, engaging and make those crucial adjustments to open up our organisation to all.

Inclusion at Morgan

Marking and celebrating global awareness days which reflect our differences, as well as our similarities, gives our teams a great opportunity to learn more about each other, and fosters an inclusive work environment. We support a number of these awareness days throughout the year as a way to celebrate, educate and engage ourselves, and to highlight our desire to make a big positive difference.

Diversity at Morgan

It takes a large number of very talented people to keep Morgan running and we believe that our diversity is our strength. As a global business, we speak twenty different languages and use our differing experiences and knowledge gained from our own lives to help solve complex problems for our customers.

Recognising that each of our people need a different type of support to grow and thrive, is key to reaching our goal. We want to enable our employees to reach their full potential, so we work together to make this happen.

See what some of our people have to say about their experience of working at Morgan.

Paul and Pippin’s journey

Our Materials Procurement Co-ordinator Paul shares his experience of adapting his work environment to support his visual impairment. For Paul this involves an additional member of the team, dedicated to his needs.

Guide dog Pippin.

When Paul’s sight was impacted, he was supported by amazing resources from Guide Dogs for the Blind on what to expect when working with a guide dog in the workplace. The team at Morgan then shared the information with everyone in Paul’s office, which made his experience easier, and meant everyone knew what to expect.

Alongside Pippin’s assistance, the team have worked to support Paul by providing specialist equipment, such as magnification devices and software through ‘Access To Work’. These adjustments enable Paul to carry out all the tasks that his role requires, and mean we get Paul and his expertise in our business.

In addition, the team have introduced a flexible working arrangement, allowing Paul to adjust his hours of working to suit public transport timetables, whilst maintaining a full-time working week. Paul has even moved his desk to allow space for Pippin to settle in, and with the aid of a personal risk assessment, Paul is able to access the production office and break area, which are connected with a green gangway.

Paul shares his advice for creating a more inclusive workplace: “In my experience, if people know you have a disability, they are more likely to help you; so, I think it is always better to be open about your disability as this makes people aware that you may not see all the risks around you. I am lucky to work with colleagues who constantly look out for one another, which helped me to share my disability and gain their support”.


Stacey's learning & development journey

Our Ignite programme cohort are focused on developing their personal and professional leadership skills, to help us achieve our vision to improve social factor, to keep our people safe and provide meaningful work that contributes to an improved society. Our future leaders inspire us to challenge ourselves to achieve more and prioritise our development too.

Our Financial Controller, Stacey, gives a candid insight into her choice to join our Ignite programme whilst on maternity leave, the most important things she has learned about maintaining a work-life balance and great advice for parents who want to focus on their professional development.

“The Ignite programme was meant to commence in 2020, however COVID-19 occurred just as we were about to commence our first module. The circumstances actually ended up benefitting me, as I would not have been able to complete the face-to-face programme due to pregnancy and health. I have my husband to thank for his encouragement and support and I am glad he pushed me to do it. 

Balancing work, and family life is always challenging, and the programme adds to that complexity. After facing my own personal mental health challenges, I am a big advocator of work-life balance and mental wellbeing, not just within my team but anyone I meet. The Ignite programme is providing me with tools and experience to help me focus on key priorities and make time for reflection, in both my personal and professional life.”

We’re delighted to share her insights, what a great role model!


In 2021 we relaunched our early careers programme, with an increased focus on the diversity of the cohort to build our pipeline of talent. 45% of the cohort in 2021 were female.