Diversity & Inclusion

We promote equal opportunities for all employees and job applicants and make reasonable adjustments to accommodate any employee who may have a disability within the meaning of all global equality legislation.

It takes a large number of very talented people to keep Morgan running and we believe that our diversity is our strength.

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In 2017 the UK Government introduced gender pay gap reporting regulations for companies with more than 250 employees. In 2022, the average gender pay gap for our UK workforce was 21.6%, compared to 26.0% in 2021.

Our gender pay gap exists because a greater proportion of our senior leadership is male. The gender pay gap is fluctuating according to the number of male employees at the higher pay ranges relative to female employees. The percentages are sensitive to small changes. We have set ourselves a target that 40% of our leadership population will be female by 2030.

We continue to work hard to increase the number of women we employ, develop and promote to improve our gender balance and become a more diverse organisation.

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