What We Do

Whether you are an engineer working on bespoke customer solutions, a materials scientist developing a new product, or a functional leader helping to drive our business performance, you will find your next exciting opportunity to make a difference to our world.

How we make a difference

We help our customers manage heat. Our insulation products reduce energy usage in high-temperature processes – from aluminium production to ethylene, to solar panel production. Whilst our crucibles use less energy to hold molten metal for aluminium and copper casting.

We enable greener electricity generation. Our carbon brushes are integral to wind turbines and power generators, our ceramic rollers are used to make thin film solar panels, our insulation is used in solar towers and steam turbines, and our ceramic cores are used to make more efficient industrial gas turbines. Our self-lubricating seals and bearings and our ceramic shafts reduce the energy consumption of pumps in everything from domestic appliances, to power stations, to chemical plants.

We enable more efficient jet engines. Through the production of more and more complex cores for casting turbine blades allowing those engines to run hotter and more efficiently. We enable electrification for cleaner public transport. Our products help reduce energy costs by enabling electrification in rail and metro systems, and by helping those systems to run ever more efficiently.

We enable medical diagnostics with our power tubes in medical scanners. Our feedthroughs are at the core of cochlear implants and our seals are used in blood pumps. These products transform peoples’ lives.

We help to keep people safe by providing fire protection in everything from cars, to tunnels, to ships and oil platforms.

What we do matters.

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