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When you join us, you will experience what it is like to be part of a company with a unifying purpose.

  • Whether as an engineer working on a customer’s bespoke solution,
  • A material scientist developing new products in one of our Centres of Excellence,
  • A manager for a multi-million pound production facility or,
  • An accountant aligned to one of our business clusters.

Find out more about what it is like to work at Morgan from some of our people.

We want to introduce you to some of our amazing people…

Meet our apprentice, Lauren.

Lauren works in our Group Communications team and has been with Morgan for almost a year. She put herself forward for an apprenticeship at Morgan, as she wanted to learn whilst she worked. For Lauren, her passion for project management and writing was ignited whilst studying for her A- Levels.

She has really enjoyed meeting and speaking to new people at Morgan, forming plenty of useful connections across the globe. Lauren's confidence has also grown massively in the last year, as she has felt more ready to tackle new tasks and get involved with plenty of projects. All this alongside learning how to use a multitude of design software packages too. Check out Lauren's advice for considering a role at Morgan.

Meet our HR Manager, Xenia.

Xenia is a founding member of our first employee resource group, Women@Morgan, and self-proclaimed feminist.

Xenia is one of the great people in our Morgan family who is working hard to create a caring culture at Morgan. One where everyone feels valued and appreciated. Learn what motivates Xenia, what she loves about Morgan and why she's so passionate about making a difference, below.

Our people inspire us

Our people are passionate about learning and developing, and Busi is no exception.

Based at our Johannesburg site, Busi has been a member of our Morgan family since 2016. Originally joining us as a temporary catering employee, alongside her canteen manager Mother, Busi has grown her role at Morgan in her years and has decided to pursue her engineering passion with her recent enrolment on an Engineering Apprenticeship.

Busi’s four-year programme, which involves several months a year of training in a local technical college, will enable her to be able to explore and travel.

Busi’s interest in engineering was sparked whilst working alongside her Mother on site, with her curiosity leading her to apply for the engineering role and ultimately becoming the catalyst in putting herself forward for the apprenticeship programme, when the opportunity arose. She has now completed Phase 2 and is working to complete Phase 3 and 4!

Her advice is to anyone thinking about an apprenticeship is “to just go for it and enjoy what you do. Do not let other people’s opinions influence your future”.

We love to see our people driving forward to develop and reach their goals, what an inspiration!

Bringing a sense of inclusion this pride month

Our people are building a caring culture, cultivating a sense of belonging at Morgan. At our New Bedford site, the team have a dedicated ‘Employee Engagement Committee’, focused solely on bringing their people together.

The team are helping to spread awareness, and educate their people on ways  to be better allies in their local community. One way they did this was by recognising Pride Month across their site. They assigned each department across the site a colour of the rainbow to wear in solidarity with the LGBTQIA+ community, a great activity to visually raise awareness and start a conversation on different sexualities & identities.

Emily Nash, a member of the New Bedford team has commented; “the most important things to note for content creation is getting as many employees involved - front office workers, production workers, and even SMT. We all bring such a different perspective which helps create thoughtful, exciting, and engaging events”.

Thank you to the team for keeping your people at the heart of what you do!

Gaurang has adapted to the era of change and embraced remote

Our Global Product Manager Gaurang was among the first to take part in Morgan’s new approach to learning this year. Gaurang reflects on his experience of working and learning remotely.

“We are living in an Era of ‘forced change’, so the idea of remote learning sounded difficult at the beginning. As we have slowly caught up with the realities of the new normal, the digital world has gained more popularity. With each member of my family occupying a different room in our home to work virtually every day it was difficult to start with, but slowly we have acclimatised ourselves. 

When I was nominated for online training, as part of my homeworking, I realised that this could be an ‘in-demand skill set’ and I was keen to equip myself for the future. I found the tool very flexible, allowing me to learn at my own pace and challenge myself with new chapter tests and topics. My excitement of scoring high for each chapter motivated me, as it reminded me of my university days.

My nomination to the training, alongside my fellow mentor group, made me feel excited about the journey. Throughout the experience I have learned valuable project management skills which will make me more efficient and effective in my project execution.”


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