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Monika is developing her leadership skills with Morgan's new remote learning programme

HR Manager Monika is developing her softskills with Percipio, our next generation digital learning system. Morgan's remote learning programmes have provided an accessible development opportunity for wider Morgan teams during 2020. Monika commented on her recent development; "The online learning system is easy to use and allows me to create a customised learning path, by connecting topics with each other. I have enjoyed the flexibility of the training curriculum, which allows me to efficiently complete my learning & development remotely.

During these turbulent days, as a leader of a small team as well as a Management team member, I have to ensure that I create realistic and achievable goals for my team by demonstrating visionary leadership; my remote learning has allowed me take this successful approach.

On one hand, as a learner I am participating in the Unlocking Leadership Potential program in Percipio, but on the other hand, with our Regional Development Managers, I have supported in the roll-out of a customised regional learning programme which define a standard understanding of what leadership means; resulting in a collection of Expert Insights videos and interactive trainings to improve leadership skills across our organisation.

Percipio has helped me to develop my leadership capability, particularly the 'Leading through shared vision course’, which taught me the articulation of a vision that motivates people and drives business results."

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