Morgan Advanced Materials

Section 430 Companies Act 2006

For the purposes of section 430(2B) of the Companies Act 2006:

Peter Turner - 30 June 2022

Peter received his salary and benefits until 30 June 2022 as his employment with Morgan continued up to that date, but he has not received any payment for loss of office. 

As disclosed in the Company’s 2021 annual report, page 99, Peter was treated as a good leaver for variable pay purposes and his salary, bonus and outstanding incentive awards have been treated in accordance with the shareholder-approved Remuneration Policy. 

The 2022 annual report has reconfirmed this position on page 106.


Douglas Caster - 29 June 2023

Further to the announcement by the Company on 18 January 2023, Douglas stepped down as Non-Executive Chairman of the Company at the close of the Company's Annual General Meeting held on 29 June 2023.

The Company confirms that no remuneration payment has been made by the Company to Douglas after he ceased to be Non-executive Chairman of the Company. The Company also confirms that no payment for loss of office has been made or will be made.