Morgan Advanced Materials

Core markets

Our core market portfolio is diversified and differentiated. Our core markets make up 80% of Group revenues.

In these core markets, we are leading, or are among the market leaders. We typically have around a 20% share, with strong customer loyalty, a respected brand and deep application expertise.


We engineer components which are highly resistant to chemical & physical wear, corrosion, and extreme temperatures, sitting at the heart of many industrial processes.

In the industrial market we have; engineered thermal ceramics fibre Superwool® XTRA - an alternative to refractory ceramic fibre. We have produced reduced wear, reliable seals which extend pump life by up to 4x, (compared to spray coated stainless steel rings), resulting in the significant reduction of through life costs, and our Pyro-Bloc® modules for Regenerative Thermal Oxidisers reduce the number of through-joints between modules, resulting in fewer opportunities for heat loss, and reduced fuel related expenses.


We make high-performance components and sub-assemblies to exacting standards for aerospace, automotive, marine and rail applications, including carbon brushes and collectors for trains and high-temperature fibre products used for emission control in vehicles.

We enable more efficient jet engines. Through production of more and more complex cores for casting turbine blades allowing those engines to run hotter and more efficiently.

Petrochemical & Chemical

We manufacture a range of components ideally suited to the uniquely demanding operating environments found in the global petrochemical & chemical industry.

Our products and materials are routinely chosen to fulfil critical applications for on- and offshore exploration, drilling and downstream processing owing to their resistance to chemical and physical wear, corrosion and extreme heat.

Our self-lubricating seals and bearings and our ceramic shafts reduce the energy consumption of pumps in everything from domestic appliances to power stations to chemical plants.

Row of wind turbines on mountaintop with a sunset background


We manufacture products for power generation from renewable and traditional sources and insulation materials for heat management.

Our advanced thermal insulation is used to insulate heat recovery steam generators in power and industrial plants, our carbon brushes offer world-leading performance in power generation applications, our newly developed carbon material grades are used for wind generation applications that extend life and reduce service costs.

We enable greener electricity generation: Our carbon brushes are integral to wind turbines and power generators, our ceramic rollers are used to make thin film solar panels and our insulation is used in solar towers and steam turbines.

Security and Defence

We supply precision-engineered materials, components and assemblies to meet the exacting standards of the global defence and security markets.

Materials technology and manufacturing capability are combined to produce solutions that deliver real performance benefits in security and defence applications, from military hardware to surveillance equipment.

Our world-class materials science expertise and global footprint allow us to work in partnership with our military and security customers to develop competitive, tailored solutions to meet their exacting specifications.