Morgan Advanced Materials

Growth markets

Our four growing markets are; semiconductors, healthcare, clean energy and clean transportation.

These are market segments where demands on materials are increasingly stringent, and our materials expertise is increasingly relevant.

We have dedicated market specialists who face into these industries and ensure we address the needs of today, while developing new products and approaches for the needs of tomorrow.


We’re focused on using our advanced materials to improve the quality of life. In an ever-changing digital world, semiconductors are at the heart of revolutionising the way we connect, which is why we're proud to partner with this industry.

We manufacture components that help the semiconductor & electronics industry in its drive towards higher performance and reliability in smaller, more efficient, more robust products.

Clost up of blue circuit board and semiconductor wafer
Rows of square screens showing MRI brain scans


We manufacturea broad variety of components for use in medical instrumentation as well as in tools for treatment and surgery.

Medical engineering demands the highest standards of precision, accuracy, reliability and performance. Equipment manufacturers and medical professionals choose our materials for their exceptional physical characteristics.

Our deep understanding of ceramic material properties, together with expertise in braze alloy design, allows us to produce high-density, highly reliable feedthroughs for a range of medical applications, including cochlear implants and neuro-stimulation.

Clean Energy

Our new ceramic materials for customers producing solar panels support the latest generation of production technology. In addition we are developing brushes that provide longer lifetimes and higher current carrying capability to support the next generation of wind turbines.

We support the EV market with alumina seals & bearings for cooling pumps which are produced to fine dimensional tolerance, improving efficiency & minimising pump noise. Our thermal insulation Superwool® is used in heat recovery steam generators, fuel cells, and energy storage walls to improve energy efficiency.

White and red wind turbine tower and blades taken from the base of the tower with cloudy blue sky in background
White electric vehicle attached to blue light up electric vehicle charge point

Clean Transportation 

Our streamlined production processes for carbon strips allow us to develop and test new materials formulations quickly to meet the diverse needs of customers in the rail and metro markets.

We have a leading range of products and solutions that provide fire protection around battery packs in electric vehicles and we are constantly innovating these to meet the myriad requirements of our customers.

We work with our rail customers to overcome technical challenges and optimise system performance with our carbon brushes & holders, earthing brushes and third rail shoes. We produce a wide range of products which are used to transfer electrical current between stationary and rotating or linear moving parts in motor, generator, and current collector applications.

Our seals and bearings are used in vehicle fuel and thermal management, providing near frictionless running and low wear rates, whilst our fused silica and mullite rollers thermally anneal automotive chassis parts. We enable more efficient jet engines, through the production of more and more complex cores for casting turbine blades allowing engines to run hotter and more efficiently.