Acclaimed Blanket Insulation Now Available in Large Size and Roll Form


WDS® MultiRoll® ST draws on the same ground-breaking technology which has made WDS® MultiFlex® mats the first choice for specifiers in applications from downstream oil & gas piping insulation and transport exhaust systems, to marine engines, decks and bulkheads, and passive fire protection.

Compliant with the ASTM C1676 standard specification for microporous insulation and non-flammable in accordance with DIN EN 13501-1, Euroclass A1, WDS® MultiRoll® ST delivers best-in-class thermal insulation performance – five times that of conventional insulation products - across a broad temperature range, with thermal stability up to 1,050ºC (1,922ºF).

It is based on WDS® technology, which allows the consistent control of the texture and distribution of minerals within the microporous mineral matrix core, ensuring optimal thermal characteristics alongside superior mechanical properties.

Inorganic and non-combustible, WDS® MultiRoll® ST is also ultra-thin, making it ideal for insulating complex geometries or areas with limited space. It offers easy and rapid handling, installation and fixing.

Guido Chiappano of Morgan Advanced Materials explained: “The unique properties of WDS® MultiFlex® have established the system as a high-performance insulator in a broad spectrum of applications where heat loss or passage cannot be tolerated.

“Its availability on a roll further enhances the capabilities of the system, reducing the number of joins and potential for gaps, so minimising thermal bridges and consequential heat loss and providing a clear advantage by reducing installation costs.”

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