American Wind Energy Association Recognises Morgan’s Expertise


The AWEA has accepted an abstract by Roland Roberge, Manager of Design and Application Engineering at Morgan's site in Greenville, SC. The abstract, entitled Sources of Carbon Brush and Slip Ring Heating, will be presented at the prestigious AWEA wind project O&M and safety conference, in February 2016.

With his abstract accepted amidst fierce competition, Roland will address fellow delegates, most of whom are active in the wind energy sector or are advocates for wind policy. His subject matter will be sources of heat generation to the carbon brush of the doubly/single fed asynchronous generator, taking into account different speeds, brush current densities and slip ring materials. The presentation is based on data drawn from a large number of inspections and lab tests and Roland hopes that his presentation will help people working in the field to optimise their choice of components, with a view to increasing efficiency and reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

Morgan is an established supplier of high-specification products for the wind energy sector including slip rings, carbon brushes and brush gears for wind turbines.

The AWEA wind project O&M and safety conference takes place at the Hotel Del Coronado, San Diego, CA from the 8th-10th February 2016. To find out more about our product range, please visit:

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