Another Insulation Fire Brick in the Wall from Morgan Advanced Materials


This latest development comes in response to overwhelming market demand and weighing at a mere 390 kg/ m3, the JM 23®-400 is the lightest class 23 product manufactured by Morgan to date. Furthermore, it is cast-produced and offers, on average, about 10% lower thermal conductivity compared to standard bricks in the JM 23® range, making it ideal for applications where a high level of insulation is required.

Morgan’s latest innovation follows extensive research & development and offers a solution to issues around heat containment in a variety of industries, ranging from ceramic production to anodes for primary aluminium. Suited to exactly the same applications as its JM-23® counterparts, the JM23®-400 has been proven to significantly reduce energy consumption, and can be used in conjunction with Blakite or JM 2600 to secure joints. Furthermore, it comes in a range of sizes, with options available to suit virtually any application.

Massimiliano Marchetti of Morgan Advanced Materials, explained: “The development of the new JM 23®-400 represents a significant step forward in our mission to produce high quality, lightweight insulation bricks. We closely monitor developments within the market and wherever there is demand, there is scope for a solution. We deliver solutions that solve the most pressing issues for our customers and it is this philosophy that underpins our status as the supplier of choice for thermal ceramics.”

Morgan Advanced Materials’ Thermal Ceramics business supplies a wide range of high-temperature insulation bricks and monolithics, as well as fire protection materials, for a variety of applications and sectors.

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