Arc Protection System for Current Collector Strips Offered by Morgan Advanced Materials Improves Reliability and Extends Service Life


The new lighter metallised collector strips are the latest addition to Morgan’s line of performance carbon and metallised carbon current collector strips for pantograph and third rail applications. The comprehensive range of collectors includes products suitable for overhead, third rail and trolley bus shoes in transportation applications including; metro systems; high-speed trains; trams and trolley buses.

The new collector strips are based on proprietary material technology which enables the strip’s width to be increased by 40 percent, from 30 millimeters to 42 millimeters. The arc protection system, an engineered coating applied to the metal, draws any arcing to the carbon strip. This makes the strips ideal for running in wet weather or icy conditions, when a buildup of ice on overhead rail lines creates a barrier to power transfer and may cause localized overheating of the metal support carrier. Without arc protection, collector strips must often be replaced before the carbon has fully worn.

The new collectors join a line of Morgan products designed, engineered, and manufactured for mainline railway systems, including self-supporting carbon collector strips that feature epoxy bonding of carbon to aluminum. These self-supporting carbon collector strips reduce pan head mass, improve dynamic response, and reduce maintenance and service costs. In addition, Morgan has developed a unique method of transferring high currents to give a low resistance current path in bonded collectors, resulting in an innovative lightweight solution for DC applications. Also offered are auto drop collector strips, an impact detection system within the collector strip that enables the pantograph to be lowered if severe impact occurs, preventing additional damage.

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